The Zones are a series of divisions of the inhabitable Earth in a far, apocalyptic future.


The Zones were created all across the Earth in the invasion of the Voltage, and set to fight each other for as-yet unrevealed reasons. Many destroyed each other, until only a few remained.


Apart from being primarily muddy, hellish war zones, not much is known about the Zones, where they are geographically or what non-combat life is like inside them.

Existing Zones

Zone 1

The first Zone entered by John McArthur; its inhabitants are known as Oneys, and stereotyped as brawn over brain. Under the command of General Tony Owens.

Zone 2

The second Zone entered by John McArthur, and the original location of the Scan Morphers. Its inhabitants, Parells, are known for their intelligence, and were the ones to create the tunnel system linking the first five Zones. Under the command of General Josephine Jaime "JJ" Ferra.

Zone 3

The third Zone entered by John McArthur; its people are called Threers, and stereotyped as spies extraordinaire. Under the command of General Isen.

Zone 4

Its people are called Gravians, and are known for their endurance.

Zone 5

Its inhabitants are called Fibonacks.

Zone 10

Nothing has yet been revealed about this Zone, beyond its survival to the year 3091.

Zone 23,415,609

Unknown, beyond its survival to 3091.