"Zeo Power! It's Morphin' Time!"

The Zeonizers harnessed the power of the legendary Zeo Crystal to transform seven heroes into the Power Rangers Zeo. The Zeonizers materialized on the wrists of the user, and activated by drawing power from the Zeo Crystal. The Zeonizers are also the very first wrist-mounted Morphers. Other such Morphers would be utilized from here on in following seasons.

Zeonizers were interlocking, wrist-modunted devices that harnessed the energy of the Zeo Crystal and empowered the Zeo Zords. The Zeonizers were created for the former Mighty Morphin Rangers by Zordon to replace their Power Morphers after Master Vile attempted to regress the Earth in time.

These devices were the first wrist-worn morphers and utilized the Zeo sub-crystals in a similar manner to the Power Coins.

Morphing Sequence

The Rangers to morph by proclaiming "It's Morphin' Time!”, followed by the teens connecting the devices and calling out the phrases listed below. The Ranger numbers' represent the number of items on each Ranger's helmet visor.

  • "Zeo Ranger 1 – Pink!" - Kimberly/Katherine/Kristen ► Hilary (One circle)
  • "Zeo Ranger 2 – Yellow!" - Tanya/Aisha/Trini (Two horizontal lines)
  • "Zeo Ranger 3 – Blue!" - Rocky/Bobby/Kelly (Kimberly's cousin) (Triangle with three sides)
  • "Zeo Ranger 4 – Green!" - Adam/Zack/Zane (Rectangle with four sides)
  • "Zeo Ranger 5 – Red!" – Tommy/Jason/Justin (Star with five points)
  • "Zeo Ranger 6 - Silver!"Alpha 5/Dylan/Cindy (Hexagon with six sides)
  • "Zeo Ranger 7 - Teal!" - Theodore "Ted" Swanson (crucifix)


  • It is the first season to have a morphing device that was not referred to as a "morpher" in the show (the Zeo Morphers were called Zeonizers) followed by Wild Force (the Growl Phones and Lunar Caller), Operation Overdrive (the Overdrive-Trackers) and Samurai (the Samuraizer)
  • Despite his Sentai counterpart having one and one being released in the American toy line, Billy never possessed a Zeonizer to morph into the Gold Ranger. Instead, his weapon, the Golden Power Staff, was the source of his powers.
  • Due to the fact that Alpha's wrists could not fit over a regular Zeonizer, Billy constructed one for Alpha that resembled Minako Aino's transformation pen from the first season of the 1992 Sailor Moon anime.
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