Zack (SS)
Yellow Digger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Shining Spirits (Thrills United)
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Ohio, Earth
First Appearance: The Beginning (SS)
Last Appearance: Here's a Health to the Company
Number of Episode
38 (SS)
Yellow Digger
MSK-Kiramai Yellow

Zack is one of Logan's best friends and a regular on Koaster Kids/Thrills United.

After the Yellow Gaia Crystal came in contact with the Fire Chaser Zord, both began acting odd and finally opened before Logan and Zack. Zack became Digger Zord's partner and became the Yellow Ranger of the Ranger Braves.

Character History

Logan, Callie, Zack, and Sophia were having a normal get together when Natalie and Amanda stormed into the house and showed them the jewels. They fell into Logan and Zack's hands and turned into machines that could telepathically communicate with them.

This led them to cross the border and discover the Lightning Zord outside of Kentucky Kingdom. 

Upon returning, they learned that Itai's father had found one as a teen on the Space Coast that Itai now possessed.

The next day, Eliza was kidnapped by a monster. They found her at a power station and Callie was able to successfully defeat the monster. However, they were approached by 3 figures, one being Logan's ex

He and Itai held a compilation to see who was the funnier of the two.

They would soon be on the hunt to find more crystals. One such led them to the sole survivor of a planet known as Gaia, Lady Moria in Portland with the creation of three new zords (2 going AWOL, one to Mexico, the other to Illinois).

The Fanboy From Japan

When the gang track down to Crystals in Tokyo, they also come at the arrival of a Darkness Beast, Faucet Leviathan. Logan himself went after the crystals, but was nearly ambushed by Drokar and Sarapis. He was backed up by Gai Hikaru, a 16-year old fan from Nagoya and a silver ranger, would would take his place as Second in command. 

Gai would show them around the greater Tokyo region, they shared with him Orlando (or attempted in both cases). 

They would travel back in time to explore college football traditions, and to the main line for a music festival.

After Ed Hart's passing, Tyler invited Logan and the gang to Bicoline. Described as part LARP (Live Action Rollplay), part renaissance faire, part summer camp, part video game. Within the grounds, Doctor Asheera placed LARP Phear (disguised as a house). Tyler's girlfriend, Ashley, would fall victim. With help of the LARPer Seamus, they were able to identify the house and defeat it with the power of the Beast Crystals they attained till then.


In the end, Asheera sacrificed her now robotic self and had cut ties with Logan and the gang because she felt she wouldn't have the support from have a life-changing illness, leading her to mechanize herself and get to be apart of something bigger. Her plan to kill Moonsault and Doctor Kareem with their cannons had double backfired, killing her, but releasing Lady Moria's spirit, who Chappy and Lex wished to bring all the reps together to fight, who fought in her honor, destroying the Gaia Crystals in the process.


He is the practical joker of the team, as well as Logan's right hand before Gai joins the team.

 Powers and Abilities

  • Rusa Spark: He has a heightened level of Rusa Spark with the following benefits and consequences:
    • Benefits: He can always hit his mark
    • Side Effects: TBD
    • Other: he can telepathically communicate with Gaia Crystals

Yellow Digger

MSK-Kirama Yellow
  • Digger Zord
  • Drive Brace
  • Electroblaster (SS 32)
    • Guardian Laser
    • Guardian Blade (SS 32)
  • Funidoria Hammer (SS 20)

Appearances: SS 2-10, 11-19, 21-37, 38 (Archive footage)


  • He is the first male Yellow to be second-in-command
    • It is unknown if Calvin is Ninja Steel's second in command. It is possible as he uses the Super Steal Blaster the most after Brody, which would infer this.
  • He is the first ranger since Hunter to be demoted to second in command, in both cases by the sixth ranger
  • He is the first male Yellow since Power Rangers Galaxy Guardians
  • His helmet looks similar to Kai's from Lost Galaxy
  • He is the only ranger to use a weapon from another series, in this case the Super Mega Blaster.
  • His handle is Zack Burger
  • He is the only ranger of the core 5 to not be a Koaster Kids Ambassador.

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