Wild Shinobi
A movie for Royal Beast and Ninja Strike
DSZ-Zyuohgers & Ninningers
Written by Fred M. Lapinski
Directed by May M. Boswell
Produced by John M. Cepeda
Order in Continuity
The Exciting Humanimal Circus
Earth's Strongest Warriors

Wild Shinobi is the title for the team-up movie between Power Rangers Royal Beast and Power Rangers Ninja Strike. As it has been standard for the past team-up movies, the protagonists of Power Rangers Cosmo Rescue make their debut in this movie.


The chronology of Power Rangers may, at last, be at an end. A boy has arrived from the future to save the Earth from catastrophe. Shane and his team are not aware that they are part of the enemy's plans. The Ninja Strike Rangers, who once protected Earth, have returned! And this time, they believe the Humanimal are Phantom Force monsters! This battle will be the end of both teams. Will the message of the future boy get to Shane in time? An unbelievable roll call that brings together all the warriors of the Power Rangers!


The film opens on a crimson lens filtered scene of a boy running and seeing the dead bodies of the Royal Beast and the Ninja Strike Rangers on a burning battlefield. The boy laments he is too late and that the history of Power Rangers will end. Jumping back to the present time of the film, the Humanimal are enjoying some camping as the Humanimal members of the team play while Shane is flustered that no one will help him set up the camp site. An observer is watching them from the shadows and Shane tries to call Cameron, but oddly finds that his cell phone isn't working despite being in range of a signal earlier. Cameron is carrying homemade food and is going to meet up with his friends until he suddenly gets knocked over by a young boy wearing ninja garb, whom after apologizing to Cameron, races off. Cameron gets depressed the food he worked so hard on preparing is now ruined and lying on the ground. The others are preparing to cook on a campfire, but then sense the presence of and are then attacked by the Ninja Strike Rangers. The Humanimal are confused as they do not know why they are being attacked or even what a ninja is. The Ninja Strike Rangers think the Royal Beast Rangers are evil Phantom and must be destroyed and get ready to fight them. Shane tries to deescalate the situation by telling his teammates to assume their human guises, thinking this is all a misunderstanding, but this fails as the Ninja Strike Rangers believe the Royal Beast Rangers are trying to deceive them and transform. The Royal Beast Rangers recognize them as a Power Rangers team and are still confused as to why they are attacking them, but transform to defend themselves. Red Ninja Strike and Red Eagle Ranger engage in an aerial battle, while the other team members clash with each other on the ground using their various abilities. Shane changes into Red Whale Ranger when the other Royal Beast Rangers get pushed back and fires the Whale Gun, though he makes it a point not to hit the Ninja Strike Rangers directly. The blast knocks the Ninja Strike Rangers back and the Royal Beast Rangers use this opportunity to retreat. This does not help their case of being innocent however, as the Ninja Strike Rangers are more determined to stop them and summon Ninja Strike Megazord to block their escape. The Royal Beast Rangers summon Stampede Megazord and Jungle Megazord to fight Ninja Strike Megazord, but the Ninja Strike Rangers’ experience in combat and various tactics overwhelm the two robots, such as using Shinobi Striker's agility and UFO Strike Megazord. After the Royal Beast Rangers finish combining the Royalzord into Jungle Stampede Megazord, the two teams end up in a beam attack duel when the two robot's finishers collide. The resulting explosion from the colliding energy attacks critically damages both robots and both teams get knocked out of the cockpits and un-transform. Ned, being stubborn, continues to try to attack Shane despite the latter wanting to talk things over. Shane tries to run away when Ned won't listen, only to be pursued by the teleporting ninja. Meanwhile, Cameron is wandering around depressed about the destroyed boxed lunches and finds the campsite abandoned upon arriving. The other Ninja Strike Rangers are returning home and Jill cannot contact Ned on her cell phone and Norman can't seem to call Lloyd. A creature called Chum emerges from hiding and asks if the team has slain the Royal Beast Rangers, to which they say no. Chum cries as it is afraid of the Royal Beast Rangers as he claims they had wiped out his entire race. Anne and Isaac are skeptical as the Royal Beast Rangers didn't seem like the kind of hostile savages he speaks of. Chum says that is their way of tricking them and the Royal Beast Rangers are a "fake Ranger team" and cries even more. Isaac thinks they need a strategy as there are six Rangers on the Royal Beast team and they only have five at the moment. At a park near a noodle cart, Tusk tries to call Shane but his Royal Morpher is also unable to send calls. The Humanimal are again confused as to why "ninjas" would attack them and wonder again what a ninja even is. The owner of the noodle cart is revealed to be none other than Lloyd, who enthusiastically wants to explain about ninjas to them after showing off his skills, much to the surprise of the four. Shane is fleeing from Ned near a playground, when the latter finally manages to capture his prey and try to "unmask" the Phantom he believes Shane is. The boy from earlier calls out for Ned to stop, calling him "Dad". This confuses and shocks Ned, with Shane baffled as well. Back at Mr. Moore's house, Marvin is cosplaying as a frog while making a frog wood sculpture. Yellow Ninja Strike and White Ninja Strike sneak in to spy on him to see if the "Phantom" are there, but Marvin seemingly detects their presence and throws whittling knives like shuriken at them. The two Ninja Strike Rangers vanish before they are spotted and Marvin thinks what he thought were robbers was just his imagination. Yellow Ninja Strike and White Ninja Strike then see Cameron return and abduct him upon learning he was headed for the campsite where the Royal Beast Rangers were during their battle. Once outside and meeting up with Blue Ninja Strike and Pink Ninja Strike, Cameron recognizes them as a Power Rangers team based on their colors. White Ninja Strike accidentally puts Cameron in a depressed state again by saying they are the "real" Power Rangers. Anne deals with this by knocking him out and suggesting they take him back to the dojo for questioning. Chum comes by and uses vines to bind the unconscious Cameron and gag him to prevent him from screaming for help when he wakes up. Back at the park, Shane learns the boy's name is Nathan and he is from the future. Ned readily accepts this but Shane is skeptical, Nathan explains he used a time travel ninja technique to arrive in the present time. This causes Shane to nearly faint as he is dumbfounded by how little sense that makes. Ned asks his son what he is like in the future, but Nathan depressingly says Ned died and will die the next day along with the Royal Beast Rangers and the rest of the Ninja Strike Rangers if he doesn't change the past. As dusk falls, Lloyd finishes explaining what ninjas are to the Humanimal: spies that work to fight for justice. Rhino Royalzord races toward them carrying a letter and a photo of Cameron captured from the Ninja Strike Rangers issuing a demand they come to a gym to fight. Sela is fed up with the Ninja Strike Rangers as they are the ones acting like villains, which confuses Lloyd as he is a Ninja Strike Ranger. Lloyd transforms into Gold Ninja Strike to try and explain things but gets tackled and captured by the paranoid foursome who think he is trying to attack them. Back at Mr. Moore's home, Nathan explains that the Ninja Strike Rangers were tricked by an evil being into destroying the Royal Beast Rangers and the resulting conflict killed both teams and ended the legacy of Power Rangers. This means that 12 years into the future, Earth has no Ranger teams left as they were wiped out one by one by this evil force. Nathan says that he wishes to be Legendary Red Ninja Strike to protect his world like his father and grandfather did, so he came to the past so Power Rangers can exist into his time. Realizing Chum tricked him, Ned apologizes to Shane and pleads for his forgiveness in earnest, going so far as to bow on his hands and knees on the floor. Shane is fine with his apology and the two make up. Shane is mistakenly called "Red Royal Beast Ranger" by Ned but Shane corrects him and introduces himself. On the Players’ ship, Chum is revealed to be a monster hired by Dropette unofficially, as Xeno does not know of this. Chum specializes in eliminating the champions and heroes of countless planets through deception and using special pollen clouds to block communications to perpetuate suspicion, confusion and fear. Isaac interrogates Cameron about Chum's people, but the vines on Cameron's mouth distort his words and control it to seem like a confession of his "evil murderous deeds" when Cameron is trying to prove his is innocent. Inside his head, Cameron is horrified he cannot speak what he actually wants to say. Lycan, Ghari and Kifaru all try to help him figure out a way to convey his actual feelings to the Ninja Strike Rangers even though his speech is being controlled. Cameron tries to squirm and struggles to get the vines off of him so he can communicate with the Ninja Strike Rangers. The two Reds get ready to head out to stop Chum and Ned reassures his son that he'll protect his dream of being Legendary Red Ninja Strike. At the gym, the four Ninja Strike Rangers are shocked to see Lloyd as a hostage. The Royal Beast Rangers request that Cameron be exchanged for Lloyd, but this act escalates the hostile tension between the two teams and they transform and fight each other. Ned and Shane arrive and try to plead for both teams to stop fighting but they cannot hear them. The two rescue Lloyd and Cameron, but their remembrance of their abductions causes further misunderstanding as the two Gold rangers attack the opposing teams. Chum observes this from a distance and laughs as all is going according to plan. Ned decides to knock some sense into their teams by fighting them, but Shane knows that will only make things worse. Shane tries to remain calm and think as if he loses his temper or gives into the bloodlust that is affecting both teams, they are all doomed. Nathan leaves Mr. Moore's house to help his father. Despite Shane and Ned's efforts, neither team will listen with White Ninja Strike shooting her brother and knocking him out of his transformation. The two teams prepare to execute a team finisher blast and both Shane and Ned jump directy in the line of fire to try to stop them. The teams ignore them and fire a Beast Shoot and a Explosion Slash attack. As the projectiles come at the two Reds, they dodge the incoming fire and the resulting explosion seemingly kills all of the Rangers. The scene from the opening of the film replays, this time without the filter, as Nathan looks in horror at the deaths of the Royal Beast Rangers and Ninja Strike Rangers. Chum gloats, but it is revealed the dead bodies are illusion clones. The real Rangers come out of hiding and prepare to fight Chum. Anne explains that they knew of Chum's plan due to Cameron, in desperation, using the movements of his butt to write a message to take off his mask. Once removed, Cameron explained everything and Anne and the others used the clones to trick Chum into thinking everything was still going to his plan. Once they were not suspected, they went and made an apology to the Royal Beast Rangers, which the Humanimal only accepted after a lesson on ninja skills to them so they could help with the charade. They intentionally kept Ned and Shane out of the plan to make it convincing enough to trick Chum. Shane is a little upset his team lied to him, but they reassure him it was only to keep up the ruse, which depresses Shane. Enraged at being tricked, Chum reveals its true form: Grovek, the top assassin of heroes in the galaxy. Nathan is told to run by his father and he disappears. Grovek faces the Rangers outside and resurrects the generals of the Phantom Force, Lord Bane, Bangray and Sharpish as his personal army. The Rangers transform and fight, each using their combined skills in unique ways. Blue Ninja Strike uses his magic alongside Green Elephant Ranger's brute strength to overwhelm Sharpish, then changes Tusk into a smaller version of Elephant Striker to finish him off. Leo and Norman use their intelligence and impulsiveness to overwhelm Bruticus with Wild Release mode and the Alien Ranger Shuriken. The female Rangers collaborate to fight Bangray, with White Ninja Strike and Pink Ninja Strike changing into their Boost Zord forms to attack him followed by a team-up finisher to destroy him. Gold Ninja Strike and Black Keeper Ranger use the Beast Rod to "fish" away Geezer's staff and then take a selfie together. Having Gold Ninja Strike be such fast friends with him fires up Black Keeper Ranger and he goes into Great Wild Release form and Gold Ninja Strike tag team attacks with him to finish Geezer off. However, Lord Bane proves to be a difficult foe for Red Ninja Strike and Red Eagle Ranger. Nathan tries to help, but is unsuccessful as Lord Bane deflects his Lightning Attack attack back at him and the Red Rangers. The Sealing Shuriken mysteriously appears and attacks Lord Bane while Red Eagle Ranger changes into Red Gorilla Ranger. The Sealing Shuriken lands in Nathan's hand and changes into a Red Ninja Strike Shuriken, meaning history has changed and a future version of himself has become Legendary Red Ninja Strike. Thus, Power Rangers now still exists in the future. Jack appears and is panicked because the Sealing Shuriken flew out of the ninja residence on its own, demanding to know what is going on. Ned simply points at the fight going on and Jack decides to help. He is shocked that he has a grandson but then it turns into pride and joy as he sees Nathan's Ninja Shuriken. He gives his future grandson a Shinobi Blade and they transform into a three-generation trio of Red Ninja Strikes. The three Red Ninja Strikes battle Lord Bane and use teamwork to quickly defeat him.

DSZ-Kyurangers Debut

First appearance of the Power Rangers Cosmo Rescue

While Grovek faces off against Red Gorilla Ranger, Dropette, Cerebros and Azald try to do a sneak attack on Red Gorilla Ranger only for Swift to arrive to stop them. Swift tries to change into Vermillion Bird Ranger. But when a red lion-themed hero calling himself Cosmo Leo comes crashing in from the sky, four more heroes drop in to help, and then the last four heroes drop in to face the three Players generals in order to prevent them from interfering. Once the generals are defeated, they ask the heroes where they came from and they introduce themselves as Power Rangers Cosmo Rescue before they leave. Swift sees this as a sign that history was successfully altered, allowing the legacy of Power Rangers to continue. With the clones destroyed, the Ninja Strike Rangers and Royal Beast Rangers join forces to defeat Grovek, who enlarges himself with some Continue Medals and decides to destroy the whole planet. The two teams then form Cetacean Drove Megazord and Rodeo Strike Megazord to fight Grovek, but the enemy easily overpowers them. Just as the heroes are about to be killed, they have a vision of the previous 38 Red Rangers, who bestow upon them the power to form Ninja Drove Megazord, that, infused with the power of all the Power Rangers, finally destroys Grovek once and for all. Having prevented his father's death, Nathan bids farewell to him and his friends before returning to the future. As the others wonder how Nathan came to exist since his father originally died in the current day, Ned deduces that his new wife must be already pregnant, revealing that he has just married, a fact that astonishes even his own family, who was unaware of it.

Continuity and Placement

  • Power Rangers Royal Beast: This movie is set after the debut of Cetacean Drove Megazord but before the series of events leading to Cerebros' destruction, placing it after episode 38 because Swift has the Bird Royal Morpher with him, but before episode 39, because that is when the events leading to Cerebros' destruction start to take place.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Strike: Between the series finale and Eve of A New Ninja Day.
  • Power Rangers Cosmo Rescue: As the show confirmed in its 18th episode, the Cosmo Rescue Rangers do not exist in the mainstream universe. Therefore, it's impossible to place their appearance in this movie between some of the show's episodes, unless there is cross-dimensional travel involved (similar to VR Fighter's appearance in episode 7 or Cosmo Leo's appearance in the 24th episode of VR Fighter) .


Power Rangers Royal Beast

Red Eagle Ranger
Red Gorilla Ranger
Red Whale Ranger
Shane Collins
Blue Shark Ranger Sela
Yellow Lion Ranger Leo
Green Elephant Ranger Tusk
White Tiger Ranger Amu
Black Keeper Ranger
Cameron Delgado

Power Rangers Ninja Strike

Red Ninja Strke Ned
Blue Ninja Strike Isaac
Yellow Ninja Strike Norman
White Ninja Strike Jill
Pink Ninja Strike Anne
Gold Ninja Strike Lloyd
Gale Ninja Strike Jack
Legendary Red Ninja Strke Nathan

And Introducing the Power Rangers Cosmo Rescue

Cosmo Leo Tapec
Cosmo Scorpius Hyrtel
Cosmo Lupus Emor
Cosmo Libra Zronik
Cosmo Taurus Orudo
Cosmo Ophiucus Driwa
Cosmo Chamaeleon Imyss
Cosmo Aquila Ajerin
Cosmo Dorado Cuxor

Past Rangers

Red Protox Ranger Dwight Sugar
Blue Protox Ranger Rodney Coover
Yellow Protox Ranger Jimmy Rielly
Pink Protox Ranger Lori Trottier
Green Protox Ranger Herman Pellegrini
Straight Flush Ace Julius Bolkey
Straight Flush Jack Elvis Paganetti
Straight Flush Queen Berenice Ingham
Straight Flush King Foster Redford
Royal Straight Flush Booker Damiani
World Force Japan Yoshinobu Bayo
World Force USSR Oleg Wicks
World Force France Thiery Kelvin
World Force Kenya Alamini Bae
World Force America Pauline Secor
Delta Red Doyle Yankee
Delta Blue Ernest Jagger
Delta Yellow Mark Widing
Delta Green Edwin Duckett
Delta Pink Pamela Kerler
Solar Flare Eagle Butler Scripp
Solar Flare Shark Randall Keene
Solar Flare Panther Kenneth Levine
Treasure Ruby Earl Samuelson
Treasure Obsidian Mitchell Hanrieder
Treasure Sapphire Ruben Andrews
Treasure Topaz Dayton Hoss
Treasure Kunzite Debra Greenwald
Burst Red Oscar Harrow
Burst Black Lopez Blackbourn
Burst Blue Lawrence Elton
Burst Yellow Grant King
Burst Pink Gladys Lew
Bio Tech Red Gunn Bardell
Bio Tech Green Myron Cotter
Bio Tech Blue Warren Kimber
Bio Tech Yellow Lorna Clement
Bio Tech Pink Edda Dawson
Dragon Shock Clifton Wendell
Griffon Shock Wilson Carrigan
Pegasus Shock Ernest Digel
Mermaid Shock Abbie Whitbeck
Phoenix Shock Marian Saley
Red Nova Charles Guinn
Green Nova Carlton Sowers
Blue Nova David Thrasher
Yellow Nova Laura Murdock
Pink Nova Joyce Robinson
Aura Red Everett Peterson
Aura Black Dennis Lyons
Aura Blue Todd Ober
Aura Yellow Mary Seeger
Aura Pink Amanda Quinn
Falcon Master Falco Wilson
Lion Master Leonio Bliss
Dolphin Master Stenella Boucher
Bison Master Minos Kaplan
Rhino Master Rhick Norbert
Fast Track Red Randolph Colon
Fast Track Black Ray Garner
Fast Track Blue Harvey Linn
Fast Track Yellow Jeffrey Tinsley
Fast Track Pink Dorothy Hemphill
Gaia Red Jeff Terram
Gaia Blue Ralph Terram
Gaia Black Brendon Terram
Gaia Pink Kay Terram
Gaia Yellow Ria Terram
Sky Wing Hawk Mathew Avalos
Sky Wing Condor Luke Fields
Sky Wing Owl Larry Scott
Sky Wing Swan Elizabeth Rodriguez
Sky Wing Swallow Sherry Cain
Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Black Ranger Zack Taylor
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart
Green Ranger Tommy Oliver
Dragon Defender Richard Grote
Shishi Defender Brent Hill
Pegasus Defender Jim Benton
Kirin Defender Samuel Yancy
Phoenix Defender Rosa Shelton
Byakko Defender Stephen Patterson
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus
Zeo Ranger V Red Tommy Oliver
Zeo Ranger IV Green Adam Park
Zeo Ranger III Blue Rocky DeSantos
Zeo Ranger II Yellow Tanya Sloan
Zeo Ranger I Pink Katherine Hillard
Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia
Red Turbo Ranger T.J. (robot)
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart
Green Turbo Ranger Carlos (robot)
Yellow Turbo Ranger Ashley (robot)
Pink Turbo Ranger Cassie (robot)
Red Space Ranger Andros
Black Space Ranger Carlos Vallerte
Blue Space Ranger T.J. Johnson
Yellow Space Ranger Ashley Hammond
Pink Space Ranger Cassie Chan
Silver Space Ranger Zhane
Galaxy Red Leo Corbett
Galaxy Green Damon Henderson
Galaxy Blue Kai Chen
Galaxy Yellow Maya
Galaxy Pink Karone
Magna Defender Mike Corbett
Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter Grayson
Blue Lightspeed Ranger Chad Lee
Green Lightspeed Ranger Joel Rawlings
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Kelsey Winslow
Pink Lightspeed Ranger Dana Mitchell
Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell
Time Force Red Wesley Collins
Time Force Pink Jen Scotts
Time Force Blue Lucas Kendall
Time Force Yellow Katie Walker
Time Force Green Trip
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers
Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans
Yellow Wild Force Ranger Taylor Earhardt
Blue Wild Force Ranger Max Cooper
Black Wild Force Ranger Danny Delgado
White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Enrilé
Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrick Baliton
Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson
Yellow Wind Ranger Dustin Brooks
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnight
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford
Black Dino Ranger Tommy Oliver
White Dino Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer
S.P.D. Red Ranger Jack Landors
S.P.D. Blue Ranger Schuyler "Sky" Tate
S.P.D. Green Ranger Bridge Carson
S.P.D. Yellow Ranger Elizabeth "Z" Delgado
S.P.D. Pink Ranger Sydney "Syd" Drew
S.P.D. Omega Ranger Sam
Red Mystic Ranger Nick Russell
Yellow Mystic Ranger Charlie Thorn
Blue Mystic Ranger Madison Rocca
Pink Mystic Ranger Vida Rocca
Green Mystic Ranger Xander Bly
Solaris Knight Daggeron
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston
Blue Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Ronny Robinson
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortiz
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo Martin
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert James
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Dominic Hargan
Ranger Operator Series Red Scott Truman
Ranger Operator Series Blue Flynn McAllistair
Ranger Operator Series Yellow Summer Landsdown
Ranger Operator Series Green Ziggy Grover
Ranger Operator Series Black Dillon
Ranger Operator Series Gold Gem
Ranger Operator Series Silver Gemma
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe
Green Samurai Ranger Mike
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia
(Super) Megaforce Red Troy Burrows
(Super) Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall
Megaforce Black / Super Megaforce Green
Jake Holling
(Super) Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran
(Super) Megaforce Blue Noah Carver
Super Megaforce Silver Orion
Robo Knight Robo Knight
Cheetah Brian
Gorilla Henry
Rabbit Nicole
Scarab Joe
Beetle S.T.A.G.
Dino Charge Red Reese
Dino Charge Black Dan
Dino Charge Blue Baron
Dino Charge Green Parry
Dino Charge Pink Sadie
Dino Charge Gold Patrick McDowell
HT 1 Dex Rogers
HT 2 Barry Astor
HT 3 Sasha Irwin
HT 4 Hal Norton
HT 5 Claire Baxter
HT 6 Marley Owens




Forms Used

Ninja Shuriken

Cosmo Spheres


  • When changing into Red Gorilla Ranger, Red Eagle Ranger's visor isn't lifted up until the second shot when the transformation is complete.


DSZ-38 Sentai Red

The thirty-eight Reds

DSZ-All 40 Super Sentai

40 Ranger teams

DSZ-40 Sentai Mecha

40 Megazord

  • The conference of the first 38 Red warriors whom appear before Ninja Strike Rangers and Royal Beast Rangers echoes the appearance of the first 24 Reds before the Wild Force Rangers in Power Rangers Wild Force: Rangers Unleashed. Coincidentally, both Red gatherings are led by Falcon Master; furthermore Red Wild Force Ranger now stands alongside Falcon Master here.
    • With the exception of Red Protox Ranger, Rangers in the center are grouped in the following categories:
      • Red Mystic Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger, Dragon Shock: Rangers based on mythological animals.
      • Red Ranger, Red Dino Ranger, Dino Charge Red: Dinosaur Rangers.
      • Red Wind Ranger, Red Aquitar Ranger: Ninja powers
      • Galaxy Red, Cheetah Spy Ranger, Solar Flare Eagle, Red Protox Ranger, Falcon Master, Red Wild Force Ranger, Sky Wing Hawk, Jungle Fury Red Ranger, Ranger Operator Series Red: A mix of Feline-themed and Bird-themed Rangers.
        • Solar Flare Eagle standing next to Red Protox Ranger highlighted the fact that Royal Beast is a homage to Solar Flare.
      • Dragon Defender, Megaforce Red: Dragon-themed Rangers
      • HT 1, Super Megaforce Red: Rangers from traveling teams, whose main robots were also their bases.
      • Red Overdrive Ranger, S.P.D. Red Ranger, Red Lightspeed Ranger, Red Space Ranger, Zeo Ranger V Red, Time Force Red: Brigade-themed Rangers
      • Red Turbo Ranger, Fast Track Red: Car-themed Rangers.
  • The cameo spirit appearance of the first 38 Ranger teams within Ninja Royal Megazord marks the biggest gathering of Rangers, albeit not all physical, with a grand total of 234 Rangers comprised of the first 41 teams along with the first official 22 Sixth Rangers and two Extra Rangers from Power Rangers Ninja Strike, eclipsing Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Past Encounter. While Swift - an Extra Ranger from Power Rangers Royal Beast - appears, he does not transform into Vermillion Bird Ranger and thus is not counted.
  • Mirroring the Royal Beast Rangers' prior TV team-up with the Super Mega Rangers, the previous team (Ninja Strike Rangers) joins and provides their power to the team in Royal Beast Megazord.
  • Isaac performing magic to make flowers appear in Sharpish’s cannon, could be a reference to the famous quote “Put flowers in your guns”.
  • This movie marks the only appearances of Stampede Megazord 1*2*4 and Jungle Megazord 6*5*3.
  • Yellow Ninja Strike using Cloning Ninja Technique in his fight with Yellow Lion Ranger is possibly a reference to Yellow Wind Ranger's Duplicating technique.
  • The Extra Rangers of the 199 did not appear in this crossover.
  • This is the first team-up movie since Super Mega Spy where previous team starts as an enemy to the current team.
    • However, while Super Mega Rangers pretend to be enemy of Beastly Spy, Ninja Strike Rangers actually viewed Royal Beast Rangers as enemy since they were tricked by the true villain.

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