Vehicle Squad Rangers
Vehicle Squad
Led by: Jacob Wilson
Battled: Hades
Globber Of Goo
Co-existed with: Truck Rangers
Battled: Truck Rangers (formerly)
Ghost Ranger
Teamed up with: Mystic Defenders
and: Miracle Rangers
Production Order
Mystic Defenders
Miracle Rangers
Chronological Order
Mystic Defenders
Truck Rangers

Vehicle Squad Rangers was the protagonists in Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad. Also they use the technology to imagine the power of their respective vehicle.


Designation Number Character Vehicle
Red Vehicle Squad Ranger 1 Jacob Wilson GT
Yellow Vehicle Squad Ranger 2 Randal DuerSasha Aki Buggy
Blue Vehicle Squad Ranger 3 Richard QuaidSamuel Rooka Race Truck
Green Vehicle Squad Ranger 4 Jade Newman AEW&C
Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger 5 Katrina Lewis Helicopter
White Vehicle Squad Ranger 6 Rachel Pulaski Limousine
Air Force Military Ranger 7 Dale Johnson Fighter Jet
Army Military Ranger 8 Sophia Russell Tank
Navy Military Ranger 9 Todd Duer Naval Ship
Marine Military Ranger 10 Warren Murphy Mine Truck
Violet Vehicle Squad Ranger 11 Claire before becomes the ghost ranger in the finale as the villain, but becomes good again Minivan/Toyota Sienna
BMW Ranger 12 Gideon Wong BMW 1 Series (E87)


Transforming Devices

  • Rev Morphers
  • Military Morphers
  • BMW Morpher

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Octane Enforcer
    • Automotive Cannon
      • GT Sword
        • Red Mech Battlizer
      • Buggy Gauntlet
        • Buggy Gauntlet Double Knuckle Mode
      • Truck Hammer
      • Air Daggers
      • Heli Blaster
      • Limo Bullet
    • Jet Boomerang
    • Tank Skates
    • Ship Knuckle
    • Marine Saw
  • Van Spear Bowgun
  • BMW Defender
  • Ghost Scythe (season 2 only)

Morphing Call

"It's Go Time! Racing Accelerate!"

Roll Call

  • Jacob: "Vehicle of Courage! Red 1!"
  • Randal: "Vehicle of Honesty! Yellow 2!"
  • Richard: "Vehicle of Friendship! Blue 3!"
  • Jade: "Vehicle of Kindness! Green 4!"
  • Katrina: "Vehicle of Love! Pink 5!"
  • Rachel: "Vehicle of Justice! White 6!"
  • Dale: "Vehicle of Witness!" Black 7!"
  • Sophia: "Vehicle of Sincerity! Gold 8!"
  • Todd: "Vehicle of Reliability! Silver 9!"
  • Warren: "Vehicle of Strength! Bronze 10!"
  • Claire: "Vehicle of Loyalty! Purple 11!"
  • Gideon: "Defender of the World! BMW Ranger go forth!

Rangers: "We defend the World from evil! We are... Power Rangers Vehicle Squad!"

Zords (Vehicle Squad)

Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord,➲ carrier zord, ✶ team-piloted zord, ◇ secondary piloted zord

Season 1

Vehicle Zords

Military Zords

Auxiliary Zords

Truck Zords

Construction Zords

Velocity Zords

Trailer Carrierzord

Season 2

Micro Zords

Auxiliary Zords

Terror Vehicle Zords

Legendary Rangers Keys

  • Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad These represent the Vehicle Squad Rangers.
    • Red Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • Yellow Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • Blue Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • Green Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • White Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • Air Force Military Ranger key
    • Army Military Ranger key
    • Navy Military Ranger key
    • Marine Military Ranger key
    • Violet Vehicle Squad Ranger key
    • BMW Ranger key

Stratoforce/Vehicle Squad Legendary Ranger Mode

Red Vehicle Squad Ranger Peter
Blue Vehicle Squad Ranger Wyatt Miller
Yellow Vehicle Squad Ranger Katherine Fox (female version)
Green Vehicle Squad Ranger Steve Tornack (male version)
Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger Stephanie Tornack
White Vehicle Squad Ranger Patrick Powell (male version)
Air Force Army Navy Marine Military Ranger
Sirius (fusion)
Violet Vehicle Squad Ranger Devin Gibson (male version)
BMW Ranger Master Cedric
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