aka Jin

  • I live in Why do you want to know?
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Weeb, and a Fanfiction writer
  • I am Male

Member Since February 2020

My name is Xojinz, or you can also call me Jin (Just to let you know Jin is not my real name) and welcome to my user page on the Power Rangers Fanon Wiki! I have been a member since February 5th, 2020

Make sure to check out my articles! but DO NOT edit them without my permission unless you are a friend of mine or an Admin, or have asked my permission to edit them.

Outside of the PR Fanon Wiki, you can also check out my page in the Kamen Rider Fan Fiction Wiki Here, and you can also find my Community Central user page Here

List of PR seasons I made

Beginning Era

Power Rangers Jet StormPower Rangers Wild StormPower Rangers NeoPower Rangers Nexus

Blitz Era

Power Rangers Blitz Surge Power Rangers VelocityPower Rangers Knight Force

Pre-Dynasty Era

Power Rangers ShinobiPower Rangers Knight Force


Power Rangers Dynasty

Post-Dynasty Era

Power Rangers RebelsPower Rangers Wild InstictPower Rangers Spirit Guardians




Hōseki Sentai Zyuseiger (W/ CureKurogane) • Power Rangers Triassic Knights (W/ TerraDX)

Other Works




Things About Me

  • I am a writer
  • A very creative person 
  • I am a HUGE Tokyo Ghoul fan (and other Animes I like)
  • And I work as hard as I can


  • To eventually become an admin of the wiki one day.

Upcoming Series

Name of Series Number
Codename BLITZ 5th Season
Codename VELOCITY 6th Season
Codename TIME 7th Season
Codename KNIGHTS 8th Season
Codename SHINOBI 9th Season
Codename DYNASTY 10th Season
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