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I am a first generation PR Fan and always will be a PR fan no matter how old I get. I'm an intelligent PR Fanatic and and sometimes when I need help I ask for it. as of now I created several PR Series and have a couple that received recognition my biggest ones are Power Rangers Space Voyagers (2017 PR Series of the Year) and most recently Power Rangers Dino UltraCharge (Starlina's Version) (2019 PR Series of the Year)

But however If you edit one my pages w/o my consent There will be Consequences!

Mini Bio

I'm an IT Help Desk agent in Philadelphia, PA planning to become A+ Certified.

My Likes

  • Music (1990's-Late 2000's)
  • Digital Art Designing
  • Modern Furniture
  • Power Rangers Madness (My personal Like)

My Dislikes

Sexist Comments towards women

My favorite pages

My Fan-Fictional Work

Upcoming Projects









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