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RB-Man's Power Rangers

Go, Go, Power Rangers!

" It's Morphin' Time! "
— Catchphrase.

Welcome to RB-Man's official Power Rangers Fanon Wiki userpage.
Contributing to this Wiki since March 5, 2018. Admin of the Wiki since November 1, 2018.
Be sure to check out my series. (But, don't even think about editing them without permission!!!!!)




Before you read my series, you have to know a few things:

Series I'm working on

Power Rangers
* Power Rangers Hyper Force (Redone Series) (with Bili15Chaser)
Super Sentai
* Kyojin Sentai Hyperranger
Original Series
* Power Rangers Thunder Star
Other works
* Power Rangers Knight Storm * Kishi Sentai Tokuranger * Savior Sentai Animanger * Power Rangers Magical Squad
* Power Rangers: Bio-Rythmic & Power Rangers Hyper Force (Redone Series) (with Bili15Chaser) * Denchiju Sentai Beastman (with Dharak.Quendias176) *Yurei Sentai Gakiranger (with BlazeWarrior29)

Completed Series

Nothing is completed yet.

Series in Progress

Original Series

Name of Series What needs left
Power Rangers Thunder Star Episode Articles

Planned Spin-off PR/Super Sentai Universe

Name of series What needs left
Power Rangers Hyper Force (Redone Series) Allies, Villains. and Episodes
Kyojin Sentai Hyperranger Allies, Villains, Arsenal, and Episodes

Other Works

Name of Series What needs left
Kishi Sentai Tokuranger Episode & Movie Titles
Power Rangers Knight Storm Character Names, Plot, Arsenal, Zords, & Episode titles.
Power Rangers Magical Squad Many, many things


Name of Series Collaborating with
Power Rangers: Bio-Rythmic Force Bili15Chaser
Power Rangers Hyper Force (Redone Series)
Denchiju Sentai Beastman Dharak.Quendias176

Upcoming Series

Name of Series Status Collaborations (Optional)
Yurei Sentai Gakiranger/Power Rangers Ghouls In development Sentai with BlazeWarrior29
Power Rangers Thunder Star: The Prequel Working on completing Thunder Star first none

Post-ponded Series

Name of Series Status
Savior Sentai Animanger Need to be finished with current series first.

Cancelled Series

Name of Series Main Reason
Untitled Akibaranger Power Rangers adaptation I've always regretted working on it since I've announced it. Plus, it's called Unofficial for a reason.
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