KSR-Unicorn Minosaur
Season Dino Knights
Height 186 cm
Giant Height 45.6 m
Weight 279 kg
Giant Weight 683.6 tons
"You fools think you can stop me?! I'm the greatest warrior alive!"
―Unicrom to the Dino Knight Rangers

Unicrom is a unicorn-themed Mysticron monster sent by the Conquerons, created by the negative emotions of Richard, a swordsman who is desperate to become the number one fencer.  

Character History


Powers & Abilities

  • Swordsmanship: Unicrom is very skilled when wielding a fencing sword in combat.
  • Speed: Unicrom can move from one place to another instantly.
  • Heat Manipulation: Unicrom can generate & focus his heat through his Unicorn Saber.
  • Red Lightning: Unicrom can generate red lightning to his body & focus it through his Unicorn Saber.
  • Shock Wave: Unicrom can generate green shock waves from his body.


  • Unicorn Saber: A rapier-style blade that Unicrom wields in combat.

Mysticron Info

  • Mysticron Attribute: Beast Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Summit of the Swordsmen
  • Experience Point: 249


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