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Gender Male
Seasons Power Ranger Corsair Thunder
Villain Type Boss
Evil Ranger
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Actor Eric Anwar

Ulysses is the Emperor of the Neo-Armada, formed by gathering the remnants of both the Warstar Empire and the original Armada. He quickly made himself known as a threat to the Mega Rangers, first beating them with his Ranger Clones before planting a virus in their Legendary Morphers and stealing the Ranger Keys required to summon Super Mega Mode.


Little is known about Ulysses' past before he became the Empire of the Neo-Armada. However he is very knowledgeable about the Morphing Grid and has a strong technical background, capable of modifying his Dual Corsair Blaster to become a morpher.


Calculating and sarcastic, Ulysses is a highly competent villain who does not suffer the idiocy of others. However, he can be vain and suffers from fits of anger when his plans fall apart.

Ranger Powers


Fusion Ranger

After the loss of the Corsair Rangers Keys bar Red and Green, Ulysses combined the two Keys to double his power.



Red Power Ranger

Using the Clone Trumpet, Ulysses is capable of Morphing into a Power Ranger of his choice, as well as summoning four Ranger Clones. When he first faced the Mega Rangers he used the Clone Trumpet to become the Red Power Ranger.


Corsair Scarlet

Corsair Scarlet

After stealing the Orion's Morpher and Key, Ulysses quickly found the latter would not work for him as it was bonded to Orion. To get around this, Ulysses created a Ranger Key of his, based on Super Megaforce Red and Silver. He alone used this form in Chapters Two and Three, the Corsair Scarlet Key was stolen by Troy during a fight between the two. It was later replaced by the Red Super Megaforce Key.


Pirate Red

Corsair Red

This powerset was used temporarily by Ulysses to replace the stolen Corsair Scarlet Key, it was later combined with the Corsair Green Key to form a new ranger, the Fusion Corsair Ranger.



Megaforce Red

After capturing Troy, Noah and Emma, Ulysses ransoms them for the Mega Rangers' technology, including their Gosei Morpher. Finding a spare in storage, Jake gives this spare Gosei Morpher, a copy of the Megaforce Red Card as well as four fake Gosei Morphers. Ulysses takes and uses the spare Gosei Morpher before Gia teleports, knocking him out of morph, but he escapes with the morpher. Unlike Troy, Ulysses only has the transformation card and his only weapon in this form is the Mega Blaster on the belt holster.




  • Now Ulysses has acquired a spare Gosei Morpher and copied Megaforce Red Card, he has used both of Troy's base forms.