Tycho Franklin
Gender: Male (Gay)
Season(s): Power Rangers GSA, Galaxy Squad
Colors: Orange
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ally 2-Day of Fellowship
Last Appearance: Thunder, Pride, and Era's End
Number of Episode
34 (GSA)

35 (Galaxy Squad)

1 (Movie) 2 (Hexagon)

Actor: Jasmeet Baduwalia

Tycho Franklin is the first cannon Orange Ranger in Power Rangers history, designated GSA Orange and later Scorpion Galaxy Ranger/Galaxy Squad Orange. He is also the first Gay ranger, although his partner is only mentioned, Adrian.

His Birthday is December 12.

He is portrayed by Jasmeet Baduwalia, who later voiced Tanker in Power Rangers Coaster Force: Lost in the Midnight Mansion.

Character History

Tycho is often seen as disadvantaged being both Gay and Latino is these dark days of political upheaval that GSA takes place.


When Tycho first announced his connection to Adrian, so did Aryia's transition. Eustus had nearly gone mad and split him from the agents, saying he felt he could no longer trust him.

Him becoming the orange ranger was an after thought as sometimes the Denshi morphers shown red, Blue, yellow, green, pink or red, orange, yellow, green, pink. It only settled after Ava was chosen to have orange, not blue, for the core team. He is often treated as lower than the others, despite being marked Scorpion Ranger 4 by his zord and suit markings.

He runs the schools card game club, even creating the RPG card game JAKQ, which comes in handy on occasion against Eustus and his possessed Chakra deck.

He is the only ranger that does not morph in Austin Starner's dream, but his counterpart-Diego, is actually a teacher at the Denzi School of Gifted Individuals and figures out Designdaver's plot for the others to deal with.

Eustus is quick to apologize (while all are still morphed) in The Light in us All as he saved him and the other GSA from a terrorist attack that Eliza had tracked.

He fell for a trap that sent the GSA Rangers to Japan, and ultimately caused the suspension of the Denshi Powers.

When Rosa relived the core team of duty, he got bitten by a scorpion and grew a scorpion tail, as his sucsesor in sentai is a human-like arachnid mix.

Galaxy Squad

Tycho is the only ranger to keep his color and exact motif from GSA, becoming the Scorpion Galaxy Ranger. He is the only GSA ranger to not have another GSA ranger combine with him and Marisol in the Draco Zord as either Ashton and Kora or Ashton and Corinth are the only other GSA combinations seen.

When Eustus is later revived, he thinks him and Harvey are in a relationship, but Harvey gives in that he likes Kora.

Once Phoebe is united with the Galaxy Squad Rangers, they become the 16 Heroes of Prophecy who will destroy Jark Matter.

It's never explained if him and Adrian end up together, as the lives of the GSA Rangers are not discussed in Hexagon.


Tycho is a strong advocate for civil rights and making sure others are safe, as seen in The Blonde in Black. Hem is very curious and focused and loves astronomy as he dreams of being an astrophysicist.


GSA Orange

  • Scorpion Zord 4
  • JAKQ Deck (Ally 11-13, 17, 22, 30, 34)
  • Shurikin Spear
  • Denshi Morpher
  • Denshi Powers
  • Appearances: Ally 4-7, 9-18, 21-35, DT (1)

Galaxy Squad Orange

  • Ohman Stones
    • Scorpion Stone
    • Scorpion Zord 2
    • Galaxy Morpher
  • Attachments:
    • Spear (main)
    • Thunder Axe (x2)
  • Unicorn Drill

Attacks and abilities

  • All-Star Crash: performs a powerful blast attack with the Galaxy Morpher.
    • Kyuren All-Star Crash: An upgraded version of this finisher with 14 rangers.
    • Ultimate All-Star Crash: An upgraded version of this finisher with the all 16 rangers.
    • Forever 21 in One: An upgraded version of the finisher with the Hexagon, Phantom, and Legendary Rangers
  • Antares Impact: performs a powerful slash attack with the Spear attachment.
  • Scorpion Tail: His suit comes with a tail that can block attacks, insert venom, insert the venom antidote, and even inject himself (but at a cost)

Appearances: Space 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21, 24, 27-35, Revelation, Hex 22-23


GSA Episodes:

Ally 2-Day of Fellowship

Ally 4-City of 2's

Ally 5-Fiveman, Go

Ally 6-Mama Mia, Say What?

Ally 7-The Bride He so Desires

The Blonde in Black (part 1-cameo only, part 2-full)

Ally 10-Jetman, No Gou

Ally 11-Full House JAKQ

Ally 12-Gimmie a Lass After Midnight

Tides of Steel

Ally 15-Ageolis and the Magic Flute

Ally 16-The Biological Manifestation

Ally 17-V-Leauger, The World Series Fixing

Ally 18-A Halloween Homecoming

Ally 20-The Christmas Rosa Found

Ally 21-The Big One on Our Minds

Ally 22-With A Flash

Ally 23-The Shadow Line Special

Ally 24-The White Gemini

Eustus the Changeman

Ally 27-The Devil Down Below

Ally 28-The Eye of Jark Matter

Ally 29-Teenagers with Attitude

Ally 30-The Light in us All

Ally 31-The Lass in Scarlet

Ally 32-Your Son's and Daughter's

The Wormhole to Japan

Ally 35-The Acts of Sisters

Power Rangers Danger Thunder

Galaxy Squad Episodes:

Space 1-The Day the Earth Fell

Space 2-Legacy of Thunder

Space 3-The Real Danger

Space 4-Eyes Like Venom

Space 5-The Secrets of the Denshi

Space 6-Back to What was

Cousins of Darkness

Space 9-The Sound of Trampling Warriors

Legacy of the Crown

Space 12-Fourteen Ultimate All-stars

Space 13-The Stone to Rule Them All

Space 14-Tick-Tock

Space 15-Fall of the Bounty Hunter

Space 17-Orion, the Christmas Ranger

16 of Prophecy

Space 20-A Soldier Rises from the Ashes

Follow me up to Loch

Space 23-Life of the Outlaw

Queer and Thunder

Space 27-Secret of an Icon

Space 29-When We Were Young

Space 30-The Metallic Mad-eye

Space 31-The VR Trooper and the Maid

Fall of the Metallic Assassin

Struck in Time

Power Rangers: Revelation


Sixteen and Seven, Forever 21

Final Chapter-Doom of Gods


  • Like Stinger, he is not present in the first episode of his debut season (Kyuranger and GSA)
  • First Gay Power Ranger
  • First ranger who aspires to be an astrophysicist
    • Interestingly, his name comes Tycho Brahe, an astronomer, and Benjamin Franklin, a physicist and inventor.
      • Interestingly, he invented the game JAKQ!
  • First ranger to not have a predecessor of any kind in Power Rangers since Prince Phillip and James Navarro from Dino Super Charge
    • However, there have been 4 orange rangers before him (2 Battle Cossacks, TOQ6, Zyuoh Bird)
      • Battle Fever came out before US adaptions were an idea (not until Sun Vulcan), and TOQger and Zyuohger were skipped in Favor of Ninninger (Ninja Steel)
      • Jazz's counterpart, Kenji Obra, played the Black Ranger on Battle Fever J
      • It's also debatable that Kat from SPD is an Orange Ranger, making her the first by Sentai adapted
        • Her assistant, Boom, became a wannabe Orange Ranger in one episode
        • However, this does not occur til 2025, still making him first
  • Last GSA Ranger to morph first
  • Most absences of a GSA Ranger, 3 (1, 3, 8)
  • Only ranger to keep his motif and color from GSA as Kora went from Raven to Eagle
  • The Orange color on the Pride Flag represents healing. As Galaxy Squad orange, his tail can provide a generic antidote (as well as poison)

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