Trailer Carrierzord
Number: 35
Pilot: None
Season Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad

The Trailer Carrierzord is a zord in Power Rangers Vehicle Squad. It is a carrierzord that houses the zords. It was not piloted by the Rangers, it also command itself as well. based on Truck Trailer. It can also assume Trailer Battlezord Mode in which the Trailer Carrierzord becomes a Megazord. It can also combine with all of the zords (except the Ghost Zords and Truck Zords) into the Vehicle Ultrazord.

Vehicle Squad Ultrazord

Vehicle Squad Ultrazord
Megazords Used Override Megazord
BMW Battlezord
Construction Megazord
Velocity Megazord
Trailer Carrierzord
Series Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad

The Vehicle Squad Ultrazord is the combination of all of 35 Nitro Zords. The Override Megazord connects with BMW Battlezord forming a backpack, Construction Zords connect to the sides of Trailer Carrierzord and Auxillary Zords connect to the top and back, then the Velocity Megazord becomes a pair of cannons, torso armor, and helmet, and then it connects to the Trailer Carrierzord.

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