Tommy Jaye
Gender: Male
Ally Type Phear Contract, College Studnet
Age 21
Season(s) Power Rangers Chivalry Force
Homeworld Earth
First Appearance The Trio That Fell to Earth
Last Full Appearance A Mosquito in Amber
Last Cameo Appearance TBD
Number of Appearances 2 (CF)

Tommy Jaye is a Junior at Edelman University and member of the fencing team. He was the host of Unicorn Phear, who was fueled from from fearing he would be out of shape due to sustaining an injury.


  • He is Shoelien's first victim
  • His name is reference to the nicknane of an old friend of Lemurseighteen's and Ravi's original surname
  • He is the first person other than Tommy Oliver to be called Tommy
    • interestingly, he wears White, the last color Tommy wore in Dimensions in Danger

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