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Togo Sentai Crossenger
Number 01
Number of episodes: 51 + Extra
First episode: A Sentai Legacy
Final episode: Farewell Crossengers
Adapted to: N/A
Producer: TEKNAM
Author: Gokai-Volt
Production Order
Kōzoku Sentai Rokaiger

Uragira Sentai Kagenger

Togo Sentai Crossenger (translated as Integration Taskforce Cross Ranger), is the first Super Sentai series in Gokai-Volt's Super Sentai franchise.

The original plot was developed by TEKNAM. The series follows the children of the Gokaigers. The series has motifs of time-travel and family.

This is the first Gokai-Volt Super Sentai Series, not to be adapted into Power Rangers.

After Togo Sentai Crossenger finished airing, a short series called Uragira Sentai Kagenger (translated as Betrayed Taskforce Shadowranger), was produced as a alternative, what-if ending to Crossenger and ran for two, thirteen episode seasons.


In the far future, the infamous space pirates, known as the Gokaigers, have successfully wiped out the last remaining remnants of the Zangyack Empire and took over the Zangyack home-world, bringing peace throughout the galaxy, once and for all.

Deciding their work was done, the Gokaigers, retire from their pirate work, leaving it for the next generations of space pirates. Over the next couple of decades, the Gokaigers and the other members of the Super Sentai, who are still active in duty, create the Interplanetary Space Pirates Defense Force (abbreviated as the ISPDF), to promote peace throughout the galaxy.

However, this was not meant to last.

A couple of years later, the ISPDF, comes under attack by a old enemy. However, the Gokaigers and most of the Super Sentai members, are in no shape to fight. Deciding that the time was right, they turn to five young teenagers, the children of the Gokaigers, to take on the enemy, as a brand new Super Sentai team, the Crossengers.

Unbeknownst to them, this was not going to be a easy fleet.

During a fight with an opponent, with the ability to rewind time, the team finds themselves in the past, back to the time when their parents were still pirates! The young warriors, journey through the past, uncovering secrets they were not told and learning about past events, that were kept hidden from them; as well as dealing with past enemies and meeting their past predecessors, along the way.

Will they manage to break the time barrier and be able to return to their own time?

Before it's too late?



Designation Name
Cross Red Mai Marvelous
Cross Blue Joan Gibken
Cross Yellow Lyle Millfy
Cross Green Dionne Dogoier
Cross Black Ari de Famille
Cross Gold Akira Souja Ikari


Helmet-less Gokaigers

The Gokaigers

Designation Name
Gokai Red Captain Marvelous
Gokai Blue Joe Gibken
Gokai Yellow Luka Millfy
Gokai Green Don Dogoier
Gokai Pink Ahim de Famille
Gokai Silver Gai Ikari


34 Super Sentai
Designation Name
DekaRed Banban “Ban” Akaza
DekaBlue Houji “Hoji” Tomasu
DekaGreen Senichi “Sen-chan” Enari
DekaYellow Marika “Jasmine” Reimon
DekaPink Koume “Umeko” Kodou
AkaRed AkaRed
MegaRed Kenta Date
TimeYellow Domon
Battle Kenya Shirou Akebono
NinjaWhite Tsuruhime
Ninjaman Ninjaman
NinjaWhite Tsuruhime
DenziBlue Daigoro Oume
Vul Eagle (II) Takayuki Hiba
ChangeGriffon Shou Hayate
Green Flash Dai
Blue Mask Akira
FiveYellow Remi Hoshikawa
MammothRanger Sharma Tribe Knight Goushi
TenmaRanger Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star
KirinRanger Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star
GoGreen Shou Tatsumi
Akarenger Tsuyoshi Kaijo
MagiPink Houka Ozu
Go-On Silver Miu Sutou
DekaMaster Doggie Kruger
Signalman Signalman
Red Buster Hiromu Sakurada
Blue Buster Ryuji Iwasaki
Yellow Buster Yoko Usami
Stag Buster Beet J. Stag
Kyoryu Red Daigo Kiryu
Kyoryu Black Ian Yorkland
Kyoryu Blue Nobuharu Udo
Kyoryu Green Souji Rippukan
Kyoryu Pink Amy Yuuzuki
Kyoryu Gold Utsusemimaru
ToQ 1gou Right Suzuki
ToQ 6gou Akira Nijino
AkaNinger Takaharu Igasaki
AoNinger Yakumo Katou
StarNinger Kinji Takigawa
MagiYellow Tsubasa Ozu
MagiRed Kai Ozu
Zyuoh The World
Misao Mondou
Zyuoh Eagle Yamato Kazakiri
Zyuoh Shark Sela
Zyuoh Lion Leo
Zyuoh Elephant Tusk
Zyuoh Tiger Amu
Zyuoh Bird Bud
Shishi Red Lucky
Sasori Orange Stinger
Oushi Black Champ
Lupin Red Kairi Yano
Patren 1gou Keiichiro Asaka
Ryusoul Red Koh

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Build
Sento KiryuIcon-crosswiki
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu HojoIcon-crosswiki
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi HongoIcon-crosswiki


NEO Space Empire Zangyack

  • Prince Darsu Gill
    • Daikazer
    • Sarnos
      • NEO Imperial Guard
        • NEO Action Commanders
        • NEO Sugormin
        • NEO Gormin Sailors

Space Empire Zangyack

Other Villians

Shadow Rangers

Shadow Cross Red Mai Marvelous


Transformation Devices

  • Crojector
  • CellCrosser Phone
  • Hacked Crojector

Multi-use Devices

  • Ranger Keys
  • Shadow Ranger Keys


  • CrossBuster

Other Devices

  • CrossBuckle


Cross System Zords

Legend: ◆ pilot Zord, ✶ team-controlled Zord,

  • Cross Galleon

Gokai System Zords

  • Gokai-Oh✶
    • GokaiJet
    • GokaiTrailer
    • GokaiRacer
    • GokaiMarine
  • GoZyuJin

Greater Powers

  • MagiDragon ❖
  • Dekamachine Patstriker ❖
  • GaoLion ❖
  • Variblune ❖
  • Karakuri Warrior Fūraimaru ❖
  • Engine Machalcon ❖
  • Alternate Combination - Magi GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Deka GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Gao GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Shinken GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Goren GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Hurricane GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Go-On GokaiOh
  • Alternate Combination - Wing GoZyuJin


To differentiate the episodes between the Gokaiger-verse and Crossenger-verse - the episode distinction for the Crossenger series is "Cross" as Gokaiger had no special distinction for episode titles (however - for tribute episodes - Gokaiger episodes had titles referring to the Sentai series such as a Magitopia spell for Magiranger and having the Dekaranger episode title in English - those will be kept the same for Crossenger).

01. A Sentai Legacy
02. Crossengers, Assemble!
03. The Campaign Begins - Stop the Invaders!
04. Combining Super Sentai?
05. Time Slip (Part 1)
06. Time Slip (Part 2)
07. The Power to Seize Dreams
08. Plan to the Future
09. Why? We're High School Students!
10. A Captain's Past
11. The Future is the Past
12. Something I Don't Want to Loose
13. Parent's Teachings
14. Green Trouble
15. The Strongest Man in the Universe
16. To The Legendary Hero
17. Danger Before the Holy Night
18. A Lovely Christmas Eve
19. Surprise! The Silver Apprentice!
20. The Meaning of Friendship
21. Brand New Heroes
22. The Rampaging Full Colour Change
23. Friends and Enemies
24. The Mysterious Red Ranger
25. Unknown Rangers
26. Cross Red and Shadow Cross Red
27. The Limits of Betrayal
28. The Fated Showdown
29. Training Battle
30. Promises Between Comrades
31. The Greatest Treasure in the Universe
32. A New Comrade?
33. The Golden Warrior's Reveal
34. The Day of Battle
35. Onslaught of Future Heroes!
36. Farewell Space Pirates!
37. The Golden Comrade
38. Back To The Future
39. The Son and The Father
40. Stories of the Past
41. Zangyack's Warning
42. Surprising Upgrade
43. Message from the Past
44. The Kamen Riders
45. Training Day (Part 1)
46. Training Day (Part 2)
47. A Surprising Request
48. Desperate Measures
49. The Pirate's Legacy
50. The Final Showdown
Finale. Farewell, Crossengers!
Extra. Attack of the Shadows (Kagenger debut)

Movies and Specials

No Movie / Special Title
01. The Flying Ghost Ship
02. Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Battle plus Crossenger!
03. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger & Togo Sentai Crossenger VS Uchuu Keiji Gavan
04. Let's Do This Goldenly! Roughly! 36 Round Gokai Change!!
05. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
06. Togo Sentai Crossenger VS Uragira Sentai Kagenger


Past Rangers

Future Rangers



  • This is the first Gokai-Volt Super Sentai Series in Gokai-Volt's version of the franchise.
    • This is also first Super Sentai, to have a female lead, as well as being the first, to have a gender-balanced team (three male Rangers and three female Rangers, when the entire team gathers). The Crossengers are also the first team, to be related, to a past team (the Gokaigers).
  • The Crossengers appear as guests in Gokai-Volt's 10th anniversary season, Tamashī Sentai Yūreiger.
  • Navi (II) refers to Crossenger's, whilst Navi (I) refers to the Gokaiger's Navi. The teams decide to number Navi due to the future Navi (from Crossenger), being sent to the past with the Crossengers.


  • The Legendary Rangers (from official Super Sentai by Toei) appear in order of appearances from the thirty-seventh Gokaiger episode.
  • The title of the final episode of Crossenger, mirrors the title of the final episode for Gokaiger.

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