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To the Way of a Ranger,Part 1 is the first episode of Power Rangers: Shuriken Jiujitsu.



Alpha 8:We do not have much time.Four years ago,Chinatown was in peace,but one year later,a evil demon named King Dregen destroyed half of the city.There might be no hope.But the safest place left is Ninjor's Ninja Acamedy.(Shows the school at war.)

Alpha 8:Ayayayaayay!(Jumps from a blast.)Ninjor!(BOOM!)Ninjooooorrrrrrr!!!!!(Gun Dregens jump out of no where.)NINJOR!!!!!!(A Masked Rider destroys them and he de-morphs to Ninjor.)

Ninjor:Put the school on lockdown,Alpha.

Alpha 8:Ay!(Alpha heads to the command center.)

Ninjor:Ninjas back at the school!(All of the ninja students head back to the school,and when they got in,the sheild was activated.)

Red Dregen#1:We can't get threw!

King Dregen:Of course you can't!It's the sheild.It will allow us not to get in.We'll be back with war again,Ninjor!You hear me!?!?!(The Dregen Army headed back to Volca-dregen.)

Ninjor:They'll be back allright,they will be back.

(A time card is shown saying "1 Year Later.".)

(A airplane is shown flying to Chinatown.)

Markus:Yes I have everything,Mom!Yes I'll be OK.K,bye.Well we're here.

Conductor:Attention passengers,we are now at China,Chinatown.So GET OFF THE--------.....

Markus:This is so weird.(Gets out of plane.)What's....A brousure?(Shows a brosure of Ninjor's Ninja Acamedy.)I'm going there.Whoa!This place is deserted!


Markus:What the?(It shows the school fighting The Dregen Army again.)

Ninjor:The war gets tougher and tougher!!!!!!!!

Markus:How can I get to the school if they are fighting Dragon-Human mutant things.

Gun Dregen:YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markus:Huh?(The Masked Rider destroys the Gun Dregen.)

Ninjor:Markus Sini,right?(De-morphs)

Markus:How do you know my name?

Ninjor:Because I knew you would be coming.

Markus:So.....those things called Dregens have been here for three years and they are trying to destroy us?

Ninjor:Yeah.I have chose you for a reason,Markus.(A door opens to the Command Center.)

Alpha 8:Ninjor!You're still alive!

Ninjor:Of course,Alpha.Markus,you have been chosen to be.....(a vision of the Red Ranger is shown.)The Red Shuriken Ranger......

Markus:Whoa!That's awesome!

Pat:If you think that's awesome,wait 'til you see us in action.(Pat,Coop and Tay comes out of the shadows.)

Markus:Who are you guys?

Ninjor:They are your teammates.Pat Vuiy,strong and furious,he is the Blue Shuriken Ranger.Coop Taylor,battling and tough,he is the Yellow Shuriken Ranger.Tay Cin,pretty and punchin',she is the Pink Shuriken Ranger.

Alpha 8:I don't think the force field can't last much longer!

King Dregen:Ready,Aim,FIRE!!!!!(A laser destroys half of the shield.)

Ninjor:You have to go there!

Markus:Let's go,rangers!

King Dregen:MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!Nothing can---huh?(Shows the rangers there.)

Markus,Pat,Coop and Tay:Time to write!(They morph into Shuriken Red,Shuriken Blue,Shuriken Yellow and Shuriken Pink.)

Pat:Get ready to be beaten!

Drake:Make a bet that the rangers will win.


King Dregen:HA!!!If you think that me and my army's going down,you're wrong!Prepare to meet.....Mega Japan D!

Mega Japan D:RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha 8:Ayayayay!!!!!!I can't look!

Markus:Time to form the Shuriken Megazord!(The RED Falcon Engine,BLUE Koala Engine,YELLOW Bear Engine,and PINK Squid Engine forms to make The Shuriken Megazord.)