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This article is about a/an timeline in Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass.
Normal Time

A list of events as they occurred in Shattered Hourglass, since the Rangers experienced time out of chronological order.


November 17, 2009—The first Akra take over their creators and escape.

February 20, 2010—The leader of the Akra, now calling herself Saffron, launches her alternate timeline.

May 16, 1994—Saffron Oliver Grace joins the Mighty Morphin team as the second Green Ranger.

November 3, 1996—Saffron gains the Silver Zeo powers.

March 30, 1997—Saffron, having pursued Divatox to Muiranthias alone after Jason and Kimberly's kidnapping, is captured.

April 19, 1997—Saffron becomes the Aureolin Ranger.

February 6, 1998—Saffron becomes the Gold Space Ranger.

July 5, 1998—Saffron cursed by the Alliance of Evil to travel through time and space at random.

February 15, 2003—Saffron is captured by Lothor and turned into the Purple Fire Ranger.

October 13, 2000—Saffron becomes the Lightspeed Electrum Ranger.

October 30, 1999—Saffron is sucked into the Lost Galaxy.

June 12, 2004—Saffron becomes the Pink Utahraptor Ranger.

September 14, 1000 B.C. (approx.)—The Akra Queen joins the original Animarium warriors.

October 5, 2001—Forever Red; Saffron joins the Wild Force Rangers.

June 18, 2011—Saffron is captured by Marco and turned into the evil Black Saturn Ranger.

March 1, 2011—Saffron becomes the Bronze Samurai Ranger.

April 13—Saffron is “killed” destroying a Nighlok.

March 11, 2010—Hourglass Facility formed.

September 30, 2008—Saffron is resurrected by the dead Masters and becomes Jungle Fury Orange.

September 10, 2006—Saffron becomes the Black Mystic Ranger.

December 3, 3000—Saffron becomes the Fermion Ranger.

February 26, 2007—Saffron is recruited by Mr. Hartford and becomes the Sulfur Overdrive Ranger.

May 17, 2025—Saffron kidnapped by Gruumm, who steals her twins and throws her into space.

October 11, 2008—Tristan and Sophie Grace-Drake born.

July 14, 2000's—Saffron becomes RPM Series Copper

June 3, 2010—The Akra Queen infiltrates Hourglass Facility and conquers it, killing or scattering most of the personnel.

June 15, 2010—The Queen drafts a number of Hosts from a Hawaiian high school. One, Zanna Mitchell, is sent into an alternate version of Lightspeed, where she becomes Captain Mitchell's adoptive child and the Purple Ranger. Una Wallace sneaks into the alternate reality and takes on Miss Fairweather's identity to hide.

June 10, 2000—Zanna's version of Lightspeed is interrupted by Una, who tries to free her from her Akra without harming her, but is attacked and killed by Seth in the process.