Tiger KnightZord
Number: 4
Pilot: Dino Knight Green
Season: Dino Knights
First Appearance:
Length: 48.0 m
Width: 26.0 m
Height: 17.0 m
Weight: 500 tons
Speed: 350 km/h
Power: 2,500,000

The Tiger KnightZord is Dino Knight Green's partner in Power Rangers Dino Knights. It is modeled after a Smilodon.  


The Tiger KnightZord is a giant Dino KnightZord built based on a Smilodon. In combat, it wields the Dino Knight Lance blade attached to its right side.


Dino Knight Megazord: Tiger Armor

KSR-KishiRyuOh TigerLance
Dino Knight Megazord: Tiger Armor
Zords: Tyranno KnightZord
Tricera KnightZord
Ankylo KnightZord
Tiger KnightZord
Green Tiger Armor
First Appearance:
Length: 28.0 m
Width: 50.0 m
Height: 50.0 m
Weight: 2750 t
Speed: 400 km/h
Power: 13,750,000

The Dino Knight Megazord: Tiger Armor is an alternate form consisting of the Tiger KnightZord's Dino Armor serving as the head & armor, the Tyranno KnightZord serving as the main body, & the Tricera & Ankylo KnightZords serving as shoulder armored pads.

This form, much like Derek, utilizes great speed in combat. The Tiger KnightZord's shield plates & front & hind legs serve as rocket thrusters, allowing the Megazord to propel itself forward for attacks. Its finisher is the Tiger Sonic Lance, where the Dino Knight Megazord: Tiger Armor performs a green energized slash with the Dino Knight Lance, destroying the Mysticron instantly. 

Additional Formations

Dino Armor

KSR-Green RyuSoul

Green Tiger Armor

KSR-Green RyuSoul (Knight Mode)

Green Tiger Armor (Knight Mode)

The Green Tiger Armor is the personal Dino Armor of the Tiger KnightZord, used by Dino Knight Green.


  • This is the first time a smilodon has been used as a zord in a dinosaur-themed Power Rangers season since the Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord from Mighty Morph Power Rangers.
    • It is also the first feline-themed zord to be piloted by the Green Ranger.

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