• Hello Delomon,
    I recently got a message from Volt2002Alfred that some of the names of the villains for Toonwriter’s Kiramager adaptation, Mystic Jewels are the same as his from his Kiramager adaptation, Radiance Charge. I already sent a message to Toonwriter about this but I figured I’d message you as well (as I know you help Morty with his pages).

    From what I can see from Mystic Jewels’s history, you were the one who put down the majority of the villain names and I was just wondering if you either copied them from Volt2002Alfred or did you somehow come up with the same names as him?

    If it’s the latter, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to change the names - you cannot just copy other users’ names/ideas.

    The names that Volt2002Alfred told me are the same are:

    • The Forgotten One
    • Rugberix
    • Gigarugix
    • Viserix
    • Emperorial
    • Cavefor
    • Razormax
    • Joythrill
    • Clawdoom
    • Photron
    • Icymax
    • Firering

    Kind regards,

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    • I came up with the same names by coincidence, is it a problem that they have the same names?

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    • Since you came with the same names by coincidence, Volt2002Alfred thinks you copied his names. Also, since both series are Kiramager adaptations that have the same villain names, it might cause confusion for the readers.

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    • I understand, in that case I will change the names

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    • Okay,
      Thank you for changing them. If you need any ideas for names, I'll be happy to help out.

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    • If you please help me change them, for now I have no idea how to change them, please

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    • Okay,
      How about (the ones next to them are their Sentai counterparts):

      • Viserwise (Vise Jamen)
      • Stonetusk (Paleolith Basra)
      • Consoler (Joystick Jamen)
      • Clawcader (Claw Catcher Ligany)
      • Photomiester (Digital Camera Jamen)
      • Icezester (Freezer Jamen)
      • Blazester (Oven Jamen)

      I wasn't able to come up with new names for: Vise Shellga, Rugby Jamen, Rugger Ligany or Faucet Hildon - but I hope these ones give you a headstart (you don't need to use these if you or Morty don't like them).

      Hope these ideas help.

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    • Thanks

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    • No problem.
      And thank you again for changing them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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