• Hello Delomon,
    We have realised that you have been uploading a lot of images lately, a majority of which seem to be original artwork (i.e.: fanart).

    As stated in our rules:

    • You cannot use an image someone created for their series without their permission.

    Do you have permission from the artists to use their artworks? And have you asked Toonwriter if you can add them to his pages?. Also, have you asked Stingerstrike77 and CureKurogane to use their Ryusoulger edits?.

    Kind regards,

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    • I understand then and I have permission from his friend Morty340, and I have helped them.

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    • Okay 👍🏻.
      Please make sure to ask artists to use their artworks / edits (if it is something fanmade) in the future. And thank you for letting me know that you have Toonwriter's permission to edit his pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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