"We are The Organize Six, We are the leaders of the Highly Criminal Organization."
—Marie to Lorcan when she shows her true colors.
The Organize Six
Gender Male (Oliver, Mike and Tony)
Female (Helga, Marie and Jessica)
Seasons Time Force
Homeworld Earth (2001)
Species Humans
Actor Courteney Cox (Helga)
David Schwimmer (Oliver)
Jennifer Anstion (Marie)
Matthew Perry (Mike)
Lisa Kudrow (Jessica)
Matt LeBlanc (Tony)

Helga, Oliver, Marie, Jessica, Mike and Tony or The Organize Six are the leaders of the highly criminal organization who are the arch enemy of Lorcan Darcy because they are the killers of her older twin brother, Cillian. Jessica is the only member of the Organize Six who betrays them to help Lorcan Darcy.