The Ballad of Biff Steele
Power Rangers Chivalry Force, Episode 25
Petradon Megazord
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The Ballad of Biff Steele is the 25th episode of Power Rangers Chivalry Force. It features the debut of PetraZord/Megazord. David Bianculli guest stars as himself.


When a discovery of a dinosaur egg in the Jackson Quary turns social media into nervous rex, Kirnu disguises himself as a fake Media Industry student Biff Steele to take it form himself. Meanwhile, Shoelien contracts a retired professor to distract the rangers, and the public, from Kirnu's plans.


Special Guest Star

Guest cast

Dino Souls

Manticore Red: Rex Soul, Power Soul, Petra Soul (Blizzard Storm Strike, PetraZord/Megazord)

Manticore Blue: Tricera Soul, Shining Armor

Manticore Pink: Ankylo Soul, Shadow Soul

Manticore Gold: Mosa Soul, Stretch Soul, Sleep Soul, Demon Soul

Manticore Green: Gargano Soul, Power Soul

Manticore Black: Stego Soul

Barryx: Barryx Soul (failed)


  • The plot of this episode comes from the Mockcast/Newscast 0 in Rowan University's Television Production 1 course
    • The voice of Biff Steele is provided by Professor Chris Winkler, who is also involved with the Philadelphia sports productions
      • Wallace is Winkler's counterpart
  • David Bianculli guest stars in this episode. His website, is on a Portland radio station following season
  • Batlyse does not appear in this episode

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