Telandra is a character featured in the television show Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited, who was played by actress Melissa Fahn. A woman of great beauty and power, Telandra is a very interesting immortal. She is a sorceress who specializes in potions and tinctures, and is capable of creating a liquid to suit almost any purpose.

Telandra wished to be beautiful forever and sought a potion that would make her immortal. Centuries passed and Telandra's skills in magic increased. She gained a reputation among the members of the Order of Meledon, who knew her as a hermit dwelling in the nearby forest, friend to few. It was Zordon who informed Alpha of her existence when King Mondo had attempted to age him rapidly through sorcery, only to have the effects passed to Kimberly instead. When Alpha sought a cure from Telandra (whom was thought by many to be an aged-and-ugly hag), he found a voluptuous woman; seductive, pleasant yet more eager to take him to bed than fulfill his need. She agreed to help him on the condition that she lets her watch him fight Mondo's warriors and look after Kim. She gave Alpha the antidote to the aging sorcery, and he led her to the abandoned temple to find Kim.

She is the first human female in a while to interact in a romantic manner with the prince, since the incident at the Angel Grove Halloween party in 1993 where several women flirted with him.

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