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Taiga Yamano
Wild Pink
Gender: Female
Season(s): Rescue Sentai Wildranger
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Rescue 1~New Members
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Satomi Ohkubo
Wild Pink
Wild Pink.jpeg

Roll Call

Powers given by the Flowers! Wild Pink!


She was once a sous chef but she had to quit because of her ranger duties because of her excellence at cooking she makes the meals for her team. She’s a tomboy and always speaks her mind, Taiga at first found Kanata’s naivety hilarious but later gets used to it and finds it cute. She forms a close brother/sister bond with both Mamoru and Hayato. She hates Ransu’s self ego and flirty persona so she often argues with him but the two still look out for each other, she appears to be attracted to both Ransu and Kanata but falls in love with Ransu. Taiga doesn’t mind that she’s the only girl and she doesn’t let it make her feel less important she’s stubborn and and straightforward but she’s hiding a secret from the guys. When things tend to go wrong she has the tendency to say “fuzz buckets”, her team says it too but she mostly says the word, Taiga also becomes best friends with Riri


  • Kanata Hamako-Friend/teammate
    • During their first meeting, Taiga was weirded out by Kanata’s actions but after getting to know him, she admires her leader and helps him when needed, this caused her to gain a crush on him before realising her true feelings. They’re still great friends
  • Mamoru Agawa-Friend/teammate
    • Taiga views Mamoru as a mentor and friend. Taiga listens to him and Kanata the most because they’re more experienced in fighting than she is. Taiga comes to him when needing advice
  • Ransu Kuroda-Close friend/teammate/love interest
    • Their relationship started off rocky with him sometimes flirting with her and being egotistical however it was him that gave her the strength to become Wild Pink, which she keeps close to her heart. Out of the entire group, Taiga is closest with Ransu, as time goes on, she begins to fall in love with him which makes her become protective of him,because of the no romance rule she hides her feelings for him
  • Hayato Chiba-Friend/teammate
    • Taiga’s friendship with Hayato is a pure one. She views him like a little brother. The two sometimes share hugs, Taiga helps him with his school work whenever they’re on break from training. Having the mother/sister attitude she has, Taiga tries to stop Hayato doing anything brash



Taiga is 23 years old

Behind the Scenes


Taiga Yamano is portrayed by Satomi Ohkubo ( 大久保 聡美   Ohkubo Satomi?). As Wild Pink her suit actor is Ryoko Gomi ( 五味 涼子 Gomi Ryoko?).

Ranger suit

Full suit


  • Her catchphrase came from Wizards Tales of Arcadia since it happens to be Douxie’s catchphrase in that show.
    • Her catchphrase being used around is taken from the Disney show Gargoyles because they all uses the word “jalapeña” as a catchphrase
      • It is also similar to how the Kyoryuger team would say Ian’s “oh my” catchphrase