Sumisu Yoko
Purple Tengu Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Yokai
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Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mysterious Tattoos, Part 1
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Purple Tengu Ranger

"Yokai of the Sky, Purple Tengu!"

Sumisu Yoko is the Purple Yokai Ranger and the reincarnation of the Tengu.

Character History

Yoko was barely a US citizen, having come to America at age ten.  Her parents enrolled her in Suzuki's School for the Japanese Arts to try and prevent westernization, and to cultivate her interest in acting through kabuki.  She was startled by the arrival of her kanji, which struck her right arm, but reacted well to being teleported to an abandoned warehouse by Sumisu Daizo.

The samurai seemed oddly familiar to Yoko, as if he was a neighbor or someone she'd seen at the market.  But she was distracted by Wolf and Stanford's antics.  Judging by her fighting, she was trained in karate.  After the battle, she took a moment to meditate before rejoining the others and hearing more exposition from Daizo.  She fought well against the Forklift Monster, and returning, wondered again about Daizo.  She decided to wait, as "time reveals all."


Yoko is quiet, meditative and patient.


  • Tengu Yari


Yoko is fully Japanese, and speaks rather choppy English.