Stephan Walker
Stephan Walker.jpeg
Red Wild Prime Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Wild Prime
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Rise of Prime
Last Appearance: The Final Battle of the Beasts
Number of Episode
Red Wild Prime Ranger

Prime of the Eagle! Red Ranger!

Stephan Walker is the Red Wild Prime Ranger and leader of the Wild Prime Rangers.

He is also known as the Wild Prime Red Ranger and the Wild Prime Eagle Ranger as the Wild Prime Gorilla Ranger and Wild Prime Whale Ranger.


Stephan Walker is the eldest son of James Walker Sr. and his late wife Birdee. Stephan has never come to terms with his mom's death but he is willing to soar to a new hope + destiny.

Ranger of the Sky

Stephan wields the Power of Sky as the Red Ranger and commands the Eagle Zord.

Ranger of the Jungle

Stephan gained access to his Gorilla Mode and eventually the Gorilla Zord.

Ranger of the Ocean

Entrusted by an ancient Red Ranger named Poseidius Stephan is given the powers of the Red Whale and is granted the Whale Zord.

Red Wild Prime Ranger

Red Wild Prime Ranger


  • Prime Morpher
  • Whale Wild Prime Typhoon Cycle
  • Prime Blaster/Sword
  • Eagle Sword


  • Prime Eagle Zord
  • Prime Gorilla Zord
  • Prime Whale Zord (Given to him by Poseidius)
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