Stanford Spyder
Green Yokai Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Yokai
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mysterious Tattoos, Part 1
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Number of Episode
Green Yokai Ranger
"Yokai of Spiderwebs, Green Ushi-Oni!"
—Roll Call

Standford Spyder is the Green Yokai Ranger and the reincarnation of the Ushi-Oni.


Stanford first appeared pursuing Wolf Baren, who had just pantsed him in front of his football team and the cheerleading squad.  Needless to say, Stanford was rather irritated by this.  The chase was abruptly cut off by a kanji attaching to Stanford's leg, then teleporting him to Sumisu Daizo.  He proceeded to restart the chase, only for Maya to intervene and request a temporary truce.

In the following fights, Stanford demonstrated a boxing-based fighting style, and held his own against the Inanimates.  He did overdo it a little after morphing, and had to be told telepathically by Daizo to use his Power Weapon instead of super strength, as it would drain his energy less.  Afterwards, he ended up chasing Wolf again.


Stanford is hot-tempered and eager to fight.


Ushi-Oni Kanabo


Stanford is Caucasian and British, with a somewhat stocky and muscular build.