Spirit Megazord Angel Mode
Number of Zords 5
Zords Dragon Spirit Zord, Pegasus Spirit Zord, Green Wolf Spirit Zord, Griffin Spirit Zord, Panther Spirit Zord
Series Power Rangers Spirit Strike

The Spirit Megazord Angel Mode is an alternate combination of Spirit Megazord. The Dragon Zord forms the torso, legs, and first pair of wings, the Pegasus Zord forms the chest and second pair of wings, the Griffin Zord forms the head, back and the third pair of wings, the Wolf Zord forms the right arm and fist and the Panther Zord forms the left arm and fist. In comparison to the Spirit Megazord, this Megazord has human-like fists instead of animal hands, three sets of wings, a more warrior-like head and a staff instead of a sword. This Megazord fights the bad guys and monsters in combat. The finisher move is "Double Sun Slash" with the Megazord's staff and "Light Judgement" to finish off the monsters at once.