Green Dino Knight Ranger
(Dino Knight Green XXVIII)
Gender: Male
Season: Dino Knights
Color: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
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Green Dino Knight Ranger
(Dino Knight Green XXVIII)

Ryusoul .Green



Sir Douglas of Rysaul was a veteran knight & the previous Green Dino Knight Ranger. He was also a previous user of Kandaar's Armor.

After his death, his powers were inherited by Derek Wright, the current Dino Knight Green.

Character History

When the Conquerons returned to Rysaul after their century-long exile from Earth, Douglas & his fellow Dino Knight Rangers confronted them in battle. Having fought countless battles alongside Sir Nigel of Rysaul, he was forced to use Kandaar's armor to win the powerful Conqueron forces. Unfortunately, he was eventually turned host, & unable to stop it he fled into space, dying off & leaving Kandaar to wander the cosmos, eventually ending up in the Talos Dimension.

Upon his arrival in America to find new Dino Knight Rangers, Percy accidentally lost four of the five main Dino Armors, which were magically scattered across California. The Green Tiger Armor was found by teenager Derek Wright, who became the new Green Ranger. 



Dino Knight Green





  • Unnamed sword - a purple version of the Dino Knight Rangers' sword weapon.
  • Shield
  • Dino Armors
    • Personal Dino Armor


  • Ancient Break Edge

Powers & Abilities

  • Invisibility: While it’s unknown if he can access this ability via the Dino Ninja Armor like the Dino Knight Rangers or is a power belonging to a host, it’s confirmed that Kandaar can turn himself invisible to sneak into any place he wants.
  • Mysticron Creation: According to Governor Hunt, Kandaar is capable of creating Mysticrons, much like herself or Shroomus.


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