Shinjiro Inukai
Wild Silver
Wild Dark Wolf
Gender: Male
Seasons: Rescue Sentai Wildranger
Colors: Silver
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Rescue 2~Team Building(cameo), Rescue 3~New Friendship(debut), Rescue 13~Brother Wolves(full debut)
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Keisuke Watanabe
Wild Silver
Wild Dark Wolf

Wild Silver.jpeg
Wild Silver

Wild Dark Wolf.jpeg
Wild Dark Wolf

Roll Call

Powers of the Shining Moon! Wild Silver!(Normal Roll Call)

Powers given by the Crimson Blood Moon! Wild Dark Wolf!(Roll call when turned evil)


Shinjiro is the older brother of Akio and is protective of him, just like his brother, he is the protector of Riri who he is close with and who he is also protective of. Shinjiro is calm and serious and acts like he’s brooding. Him and his brother have a brains and brawn thing between them, he's the brains while Akio is the brawns, Shinjiro acknowledges the Wildranger but because of their different goals he believes that it best to work apart. Shinjiro doesn't show much emotions other than when people he cares about are in danger. Shinjiro keeps an update on the Wildranger and he secretly comes to like them during this progress. In his ranger form Shinjiro has a navy crescent moon which lights up when during a clear night sky, Shinjiro strangely isn't scared of anything other than losing his brother. Shinjiro has heard of Ransu and Taiga from their occupations.


  • Ryuu Inukai-father
  • Mahiro Inukai-mother
  • Akio Inukai-younger brother


Shinjiro is 25 years old

Ranger suit

Full suit

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