This page lists various ideas for Tribute Ideas for Power Rangers Shining Spirits.

Possible Ideas

Episode Titles

  • Lost in the Wilderness (Dougie MacLean)
    • Dollywood/Silver Dollar City idea
  • Lone Pine Hill (there is an ally of Thrills United in West Virginia, where this Justin T Earle original is set. Probably unlikely as well)
  • Look at Me/Take it from me (2-parter, 2 songs by the Kongos, 1 by Celtic Thunder)
  • Roving Jewel (Roud 1645)
    • Making a cameo in episode 19, Max's sister turned assassin "Katie Cruel" would get a full debut in ep 26 and be a recurring character throughout the remainder of the series-which remains in the US. It's a play on the gem motif, but is also within the lyrics of the song "Katie Cruel"

Shelved Ideas

Staggered Action Zord debut

Since the first 3 action zords debuted together, and since I don't like Crane Lagney, Controller Jamenshi became Signal Phear.

What Happened to Pablo?

The answer to that question is very tough, dark, and personal. The Dark Crystal concept was cancelled at Logan's request. It just gives his ex, Tessa/Dcotor Asheera, more power and focus as his archival in place of Moonsault. It also would have given Ashura a counterpart to the Nether Star Clan this season. Obviously If there is a new general added to Yodonhiem at some point, problem solved.

  • Emilio was initially not going to appear, his girlfriend was going to appear in his place. her page was recycled for an Edelman University student and contract of Shoelien's.

Renaissance Reconciliation Arc

With Bicolline feature a lot of Renaissance style elements, I scrapped my inital team-up/CA Reps tribute Idea.

This would have had 20 be an opener of sorts to the team-up villains and the ren faire theme would have continued to haunt the rangers for 2 more episodes with LARP Phear.

Gia would have returned in the arc as well.

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