Shining Chivalry
Power Rangers Shining Spirits (Thrills United), Episode 36-37
Tribute: Chivalry Force Rangers

AKA: Fire and Flames/Ashes

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Shining Chivalry is the 2-part finale of Power Rangers Shining Spirits, the end of the show's 5-part endgame and the team-up with the Ranger Braves and Chivalry Force Rangers. It was originally broadcast as the separate episodes Fire and Flames and Ashes before an extended edition and behind the scenes special was broadcast called Shining Chivalry.

It features the deaths of Tessa/Doctor Asheera (as well as the sole appearance of her final form, Mecha Asheera), Umotian, and TBA Phear in part 1. Doctor Kareem (confirmed) and King Moonsault die in part 2.


Fire and Flames

Logan, Callie, Zack, Itai, Sophia, Dane, Chappy, Sam, Skylar, Eliza, and Gai arrive in New York City to help Maddy and Lex who have discovered King Moonsault's final plan. They are soon joined by the Chivalry Force Rangers who make the planning worse...


With one last wish from Moria's ghost, all the regional reps have arrived and transformed into Ranger Braves to defeat Moonsault. With Tessa's ultimate sacrifice, will they be able to win the day?


Thrills United


Chivalry Force

Nether Star Clan

Ranger Powers

Gaia Crystals

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Dino Souls

Manticore Red: Tyrano Key, Max Manticore Red

Manticore Blue: Tricera Key, Raptor Armor

Manticore Pink: Ankylo Key, Packy Armor

Manticore Green: Gargano Key, Petra Armor

Manticore Black: Stego Key, Wildfire Armor

Manticore Gold: Mosa Key, Lightning Soul

Zord count

Note: the Gaia Crystals were destroyed. Each Rep got to find the animal spirit within the Zord they are associated with.

Crystal Count

  • In Logan's Possession: Fire Chaser (Bull)
  • In Zack's Possession: Digger (Turtle)
  • In Callie's Possession: Lightning (Serpent)
  • In Itai's Possession: Afterburn (Condor)
  • In Sophia's Possession: Medichopper (Swan)
  • In Gai's Possession: Mashin Drill (Scorpion)
  • In Hudson's Possession: Blazing (Kangaroo)
  • In Billy's Possession: Rescue (Eagle)
  • In Eliza's Possession: Orion (Hawk)
  • In Dane's Possession: Taron (Platypus)
  • In Declan's Possession: TBA (Horse)
  • Duel Possession: Bullet (Marina/Natalia), Express (Nye/Archie), Sub[way] (Micheal/Hunter)
    • Marina's Animal Spirit: Archaeopteryx
    • Natalia's Animal Spirit: Spinosaurus
    • Nye's Animal Spirit: Baryonyx
    • Archie's Animal Spirit: Velociraptor
    • Micheal's Animal Spirit: Mako Shark
    • Hunter's Animal Spirit: Great White Shark
  • In Sam's Possession: Tiger (Tiger)
  • In Skylar's Possession: Lion (Lion)
  • In Miram's Possession: Wodan (Beaver)
  • in Marc's Possession: Polar (Goat)
  • In Mulin's Possession: Striker (Mole)
  • In Paul's Possession: Rigger (Rhino)
  • In Emilio's Possession: Steamroller (Elephant)
  • In Connor's Possession: Forklift (Geko)
  • In Austin's Possession: Dragstar (Penguin)
  • In Robert's Possession: Mixer (Gazelle)
  • In Parker's Possession: TBA (Cow)
  • In Tyler's Possession: TBA (Bat)
  • In Sean's Possession: Hornet (Hornet)
  • In Dom's Possession: Hauler (Ox)
  • In Luuk's Possession: TBA (Seal)
  • In Villas' Possession: Phoenix (Phoenix)
  • In Iacapo's Possession: TBA (Dolphin)

Animal Spirits

  • In Maddy's Possession: Wolf Animal Spirit, Lion Animal Spirit, Chameleon Animal Spirit

Dino Spirits/Zords

  • In Samuel's Possession: Tyrano Spirit
  • In Rodrigo's Possession: Tricera Spirit, Raptor Partners
  • In Gwen's Possession: Ankylo Spirit, Packy Partners
  • In Kylo's Possession: Mosa Spirit, Snail Knuckles
  • In Aelin's Possession: Garano Spirit, PetraZord
  • In Tucker's Possession: Stego Spirit, DimeZord


  • This episode's setting might be a reference to the end of the Percy Jackson series, as well as Liveman with the female general of the series turning into a machine before getting killed
  • Lady Moria returns as an "angel" in this episode
  • This is the 2nd time both Troopers and Koiyenman are used in the same battle after Bicoline.
  • Logan's rainbow ranger form is similar to Deka Gold as they are quickly demorphed after its appearance
    • However, Logan passed out do to the sheer power of using all the Gaia Crystals to kill Moonsault and never realized he'd become a rainbow ranger till after coming out of his coma.


  • The original separate names come from 2 songs on The Longest John's "Cures What Ails Ya" album
    • Part 1 track 4
    • part 2 track 6
  • The Special episode is similarly titled to Thunder Storm taking part of show title from each show for the team-up, akin to the Sentai VS Movies.

Behind the Scenes

Final Morph scene (from left to right and front to back):

  • Front Row: Tucker/Manticore Black, Aelin/Manticore Green, Sam/Max Manticore Red, Kim/Manticore Gold, Gwen/Manticore Pink, Rodrigo/Manticore Blue, Itai/Jet Star, Sophia/Chopper, Gai/Silver Star, Logan/Fire Chaser, Maddy/Jungle Furry Wolf Ranger II, Callie/Lightning, Zack/Digger [Main Combatants]
  • Middle: Dane/Taron II, Mariam/Wodan, Austin/Dragstar, Archie/Raptor, Marina/Archaeopteryx, Hudson/Blazing, Natalia/Spinosaurus, Nye/Baryonyx, Micheal/Mako, Hunter/Great White, Eliza/Orion, Billy/Rescue II [Elemental and Rail Guardians]
  • Back Row: Skylar/Tiger, Sam/Lion, Dominick/Hauler, Robert/Mixer, Paul/Rigger, Connor/Lifter, Emilio/Steamroller, Marc/TBA, Parker/TBA Iacapo/TBA, Tyler/TBA, Luuk/TBA, Declan/TBA, Mulin/Striker, Villias/Phoenix, Sean/Blitz Fury [Everyone Else]

Differences between Original and Special

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