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Sentinel.2: The 5 Sentinels
Power Rangers Elemental Sentinels, Episode 2
Air date June 2, 2018
Written by DriveMotions
Directed by Machcycle
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Sentinel.1: We are Sentinels!
Sentinel.3: It's Morphing Time!

Sentinel.2: The 5 Sentinels is the second episode of Power Rangers Elemental Sentinels. It makes the full debut of the Metal and Earth Sentinels and the Sentinel Megazord.


Now they are 5, Elemental Sentinels, Go!


After Sai and Fred appeared, Ross, Rocky and Sophie explained they are not intruders and held up their morphers. Sai and Fred unmorphed and told them about how the monster came until the Octo Trekencel appears. When they defeated him he growed big so Sai and Fred called their zords but the others did not know what to do so they learn to control their zords and defeat the Trekencel.


  • Ross McGregor: John Boyega
  • Sophie Teysa: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Rocko Durman: Dev Patel
  • Sai Inrotor: Dane DeHann
  • Fred Inrotor: Anton Yelchin
  • Wo Gong: Anthony Hopkins