This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad.
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Second-in-Command
Season: Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad
Color: Red and Brown
First Appearance: Going to Start up
Last Appearance: A Rival Awaits
Number of Episode

Senator is the villain in Power Rangers Vehicle Squad. He was the red and brown Japanese rhinoceros beetle with two legs and two arms with yellow eye (left) and green eye (right). He was Hades' right hand man who summons the monsters to call the demons to possess them. He often works for Hades along with Miss Parasitism, Chaos Knight and Chameleonster. He was high rank in order to send the Monsters to defeat the Rangers he summons foot soldiers, but when Yellow Ranger fights Senator his arch-nemesis in the battle. He has ability to use his horn to attack the Rangers. In fact, he thinks the monsters were destroyed by the Power Rangers. Hades was angry about failures sometimes. Even though Chameleonster helps Senator to find the Rangers. Before they confront the Rangers, Senator deals with Yellow and Purple Rangers while Chameleonster attacks the other Rangers and they are defeated and escaped. Chaos captures Joe, Patrick, Shannon, Raymond and Gina and bring them to Hades, while Senator, Chameleonster and Miss Parasitism joins and watch Chaos turn them into Truck Rangers to destroy the Power Rangers. Precisely with Truck Rangers have Chaos as their super-visor, Senator allows them to help him to destroy their Megazord. In that case Black Bull Spirit was enter the dimension before Lord Alex and Vanessa attempts to destroy him but he ran away. He teams up with Zephyr, Takashi (Black Bull Spirit) and Oni Black Bull to defeat the Rangers as well as Mystic Defenders. Zephyr was destroyed by the Rangers and Warriors along with evil spirit of Takashi (Black Bull Spirit) and Oni Black Bull.

After the death of Miss Parasitism and Chameleonster's arrest, Senator decides to get revenge on Rangers for what they did to them he must be aggressive to destroy them. He was damaged by the Rangers and Randal attacks him and destroy his horn and destroy him with his Buggy Gauntlet. And finally, Senator falls on his stomach and explodes. A Rival Awaits


  • Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Horn
  • Onyx with Ruby body
  • Yellow Eye (left)
  • Green Eye (right)
  • Corrupted insect

Psychological Description

  • Gentle, second-in-command and eager
  • Loyal
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