KSR-Grim Reaper Minosaur-0
Season Dino Knights
Height 185 cm
Giant Height 45.3 m
Weight 286 kg
Giant Weight 700.7 tons
"You're gonna learn why you should fear the Reaper!"

Scyther is a Grim Reaper-themed Mysticron monster from the Conquerons,accidentally created from Andie, a star of AndieTV, based on his desire for his dance collaboration video starring Shroomus to be a success.

Character History


Powers & Abilities

  • Pixel Teleport: Scyther can teleport from the internet to the real world by pixelating itself.
  • Soul Extraction: Scyther can remove the soul from its target. Once cut, the victim will be frozen in place.
  • Cloning: Scyther can create multiple clones of itself.


  • Scythe Arm: Scyther has 2 Scythe arms for combat.

Mysticron Info

  • Mysticron Attribute: Undead Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Internet
  • Experience Point: 423


  • KSR-Medusa Minosaur


    Scyther is a repainted & modified version of Gorgana.
  • This Mysticron is based on the Grim Reaper, the personification of Death.

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