Santa Claws
ZSK-Debo Yanasanta
Gender Male
Villain Type Monster
Series Power Rangers Dino Charge (Fanon Version)

Power Rangers Ninja Emperor

Actor Dennis Mcombs

Santa Claws are a set of quintuplet monster brothers (with numbers on their heads to tell them apart) who are themed after Christmas and armed with Christmas tree-like swords, able to merge with each other to increase their strength. Their attacks are the Merry Chrismash with a sword and the Candle Beam from the candles on both shoulders.

The Santa Claws are created to serve to Wrand to distribute poor gifts containing Emoneytion Master ' Super-Growth Cells that absorb childrens' aggravation to merge into numbers of Emoneytion Tree Clones that Wrand siphons the emotion from.

The first and second Santa Claws enact Wrand's scheme to capture Red Dino Charge Ranger by combining into a form with twelve times their normal strength. However, the two are destroyed by Red Dino Charge Ranger and Gold Dino Charge Ranger with Wrand deciding to summon their remaining brothers back to town to enact a new plan to capture Anthony.

The trio having merged into a form with three hundred and forty-five times greater strength, Santa Claws eventually betrays Wrand for his true master, Grudgeta. Enlarged by Grudgeta, Santa Claws is quickly destroyed by Dino Titan Megazord, Ptera Hammer Megazord, and Plesio Crusher Megazord.

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