Flag of Rysaul

Flag of Rysaul

Rysaul is a small country located somewhere in Europe. It is from this country where the Dino Knight RangersKing Hermannus, & the wizard Ebus hail. 


Apart from other countries across the globe, Rysaul is a country that was far ahead of its time. Centuries ago, it was originally a simple modest place. Sometime during the 13th century, some peasants discovered large strange bones; these bones were carried to the King, who sent them to his royal group of alchemists for examination. After much studies, the alchemists discovered that these bones belonged to large reptiles called dinosaurs, who roamed the Earth millions of years ago. 

This discovery led to a new age in Rysaul's lifestyle; pretty soon, the country's flag, commerce, artwork, & other things were given dinosaur themes, making Rysaul different from other countries, who mainly used the more fictional dragons in their cultures.

Later during that time, a prehistoric tribe called the Conquerons were accidentally discovered, & they immediately set their sights on conquering the kingdom of Rysaul. War for conquest broke out between the two groups. To fight back, the alchemists of Rysaul took small pieces of certain dinosaur bones & amber & created the first Dino Armors. These Dino Armors were given to five worthy knights, who became the first Dino Knight Rangers. These knights led the armies of Rysaul to battle against the Conquerons. After many years, the Conquerons fled Earth by a giant meteor that passed by, leaving the Dino Knight Rangers & Rysaul armies victorious. The Dino KnightZords were then sealed in Rysaulian temples scattered around the world. 

Since then over the centuries, the Dino Knight Rangers served to protect Rysaul & its kingdom, with new successors for each passing generation. 

A faction known as the Ryseans split from the surface tribe when a civil war broke out after the Conquerons fled & have since secluded themselves to the bottom of the sea.


Perhaps due to its small geography, so much that it can hardly be located on a map, Rysaul is rarely known to people; the only current exceptions are four of the current Dino Knight Rangers, who are based in America. Even in the modern 21st century, the inhabitants of Rysaul still seem to retain their medieval lifestyle. 

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  • Rysaul is similar to Zandar in Power Rangers Dino Charge, as they're both countries somewhere in Europe & both the seasons they're based in are dinosaur-themed.
  • Rysaul is a play on "Ryusoul", the term used in the season's Sentai counterpart

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