PRZ Machine Empire

The Royal House of Gadgetry, sans a camera-shy Circuitrina.

The Machine Empire are a group of robotic villains in the Power Rangers universe, who first appeared in the television show Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited. The Machine Empire was a massive race of mechanical beings, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry. Possessing countless Cogs, Quadrafighters and monsters, the Machine Empire had already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It was when the Empire arrived on Earth that they finally encountered a foe capable of repelling their forces, the Power Rangers: Zeo. Numerous monsters from the Empire were injured or turned to the good side at the Rangers' hands before King Mondo himself took to the battlefield and was incapacitated by the Super Zeo Megazord.

It was during Mondo's absence that the Empire was led by Louie Kaboom, a renegade robot created by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Louie meant well, but squandered the Empire's forces, and was eventually overthrown by Mondo and Machina's eldest son, Prince Gasket, and his wife, the lovely Princess Archerina. The two led the Machine Empire against the Zeo Rangers rather well, initiating a massive, all-out invasion on Angel Grove. After this invasion failed, King Mondo returned, causing Gasket and Archerina to flee.

Royal House of Gadgetry

The Royal House of Gadgetry was the ruling body of the Machine Empire at the beginning of Power Rangers: Zeo. It consisted of King Mondo (Revisited Series)|King Mondo and Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Princess Circuitrina, and their top servants, Klank & Orbus. Prince Gasket was built a member of the Royal House, but was exiled following his marriage to Princess Archerina. The House's rule was briefly interrupted by Louie Kaboom, who took control of the Empire following King Mondo's death, but was reinstated when Gasket- and later Mondo- returned.

They also planned on turning Prince Alpha of Edenoi and his love interest Delta 4 to their side, offering him incredible power and a place of importance for each of them in exchange for their friendships with the Rangers. In Machine King for a Day, Gasket and Archerina succeeded in a way, as it gave the prince much practice for ruling Edenoi one day.

They also, uncharacteristic of the UAE, helped Alpha 5 with his lack of sleep by creating Somnibot, a female robot that uses soothing music to put people and robots to sleep.Rock-a-Bye, Alpha 5 This and countless other instances allowed the royal house to be purified by the Z-Wave.

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