Ron is a boxer from Canda and lived in the mountains. He use to wrestle the rams and keep them as pets. He is the fifth member of the Jungle Pack. He is strong and determined. He has the power of strength and earth. His animal guardian is a ram.


John, Marcus, and Katie go on a field trip to Canda and to study the moutains. They meet a a famrer, Ronald, there and he gave them a tour. He told about the rams and how powerful they are. Later that day Exos released a powerful Beast named Prime-Ape. Prime-Ape found the rangers and he fought them, but he was to strong. Ron tryed to wrestled him but was hurt in the battle. Prime-Ape took off to the top of the mountain and try to make ram creatures. Ronald's ram showed himself to be his animal guardian. He told Ronald that he tryed to show his power and sucessed. Ronald was give a Jungle Pack Morpher and became the Green Ram Ranger. They all went to the top of the moutain and fougth off Prime-Ape. He was destroyed by Ronald and grew into a giant. The three call upon their zord and combined them. But they couldn't hurt him. Ronald called on the Ram Zord, and defeated him. After that the three revealed themselves as the kids from the group and they asked him to join the team. He agreed and became the fifth member of the Power Rangers: Jungle Pack.


  • Jungle Pack Morpher
  • Ram Mace

Animal Guardian/Zord

  • Powerful Ram Zord