Rocket Fire Megazord
USK-Gigant Houou
Zords Firebird Rocket
Firebird Orbiter
Length 25.2 m
Width 23.9 m
Height 47.6 m
Weight 2400 t
Speed 450 km/h
Power 21,000,000
"Rocket Fire Megazord!"
—Combination announcement[src]

The Rocket Fire Megazord is the Megazord for Phoenix Fire in Power Rangers Space Patrol.


The Rocket Fire Megazord is the combination of the Firebird Rocket and Firebird Orbiter.

It is able to fly and perform aerial attacks.

It is armed with the Orbiter Blades.

The Rocket Fire Megazord has three finishers:

  • Rocket Fire Blazing: The Rocket Fire Megazord performs a double fire slash attack with the Orbiter Blades.
  • Rocket Fire Break: The Rocket Fire Megazord separates from its components, then the Firebird Orbiter traps the opponent for the Firebird Rocket to ram at the opponent. During the finisher, the Firebird Rocket and Orbiter combine into the Rocket Fire Megazord again.
  • Triple Meteor Break: The Rocket Fire Megazord delivers a powerful blast attack alongside the Cosmo Megazord 01*02*07*09*11, Dragon Master Megazord 10*03*05, Scale Zord and Aquila Zord.


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Rocket Fire Components

Firebird Rocket

Firebird Rocket
USK-Houou Voyager
Number: 12
Pilot: Phoenix Fire
Length 47.8 m
Width 37.2 m
Height 18.7 m
Weight 1400 t
Speed Mach 1.3
Power 12,000,000
Season Space Patrol
"3! 2! 1! GO!"
—Launch announcement[src]

The Firebird Rocket is Phoenix Fire's Voyager Zord, a Phoenix System space rocket. Forms the majority of the Rocket Fire Megazord.

Firebird Orbiter

Firebird Orbiter
USK-Houou Station
Length 25.2 m
Width 63.8 m
Height 17.7 m
Weight 1000 t
Speed Mach 1.0
Power 9,000,000
Season Space Patrol

Firebird Orbiter is a satellite-like structure. Forms the chest and arms of the Rocket Fire Megazord.

In battle, the Firebird Orbiter can use its two satellites to defect attacks and perform a spinning attack capable of cutting an enemy's arms off.

It can also function as a satellite for broadcasting.

Other Components

Firebird Base

Houou Base
USK-Houou Base
Length 36.7 m
Width 29.9 m
Height 20.6 m
Weight 2500 t
Speed 200 km/h
Power 20,000,000
Season Space Patrol

The Firebird Base acts as the Firebird Rocket's self-propelled launch pad where it is stored between missions.

Additional Formations

Cosmo Unizord

Cosmo Unizord
Zords Shishi Lion
Shishi Orb
Scorpio Orb
Lupus Orb
Libra Orb
Taurus Orb
Ophiuchus Orb
Chamaeleon Orb
Aquila Orb
Dorado Orb
Draco Orb
Ursa Minor Orb
Firebird Rocket
Phoenix Orb
Firebird Orbiter
Firebird Base
Length 37.1 m
Width 38.0 m
Height 62.7 m
Weight 7000 t
Speed 500 km/h km/h
Power 58,000,000
"Cosmo~ Unizord!"
—Combination announcement[src]

The Cosmo Unizord is the combination of the Rocket Fire Megazord with Shishi Lion, Firebird Base, and the β-Squad Rangers' main twelve Power Orbs. This combination doesn't require all 12 β-Squad Rangers to function.

The Cosmo Unizord has 2 finishers:

  • Unizord Meteor Booster: The Cosmo Unizord delivers a powerful blast attack with the Firebird Rocket's rockets.
  • Ultimate Meteor Break: The Cosmo Unizord delivers a powerful blast attack in the shape of the main twelve Power Orbs at the enemy.