River Manning
Blue Yokai Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Yokai
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mysterious Tattoos, Part 1
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Number of Episode
Blue Yokai Ranger
"Yokai of the River, Blue Kappa!"
—Roll Call

River Manning is the Blue Yokai Ranger and the reincarnation of the Kappa.


River was fishing in a secret spot when Daizo's energy orb found him, attaching a kanji to his left forearm.  It teleported him and his fishing rods to an abandoned warehouse before moving to his right wrist as it "synchronized" with his teammates' powers.  He seemed more concerned about his rods than anything else.

In the following battle, River fought creatively, using his fishing rod and reel to take out the Inanimates.  He was the second to morph and call on his Power Weapon, and he suggested the Rangers' final attack on the Forklift Monster.


River is quiet and calm, accepting much of Daizo's explanations with a shrug.


  • Kappa Chain


River is an Apache Indian.