Rex Uluru
Red Jupiter Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Stellar Corps
Power Rangers: Legion of Monsters
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: By Jove!
Last Appearance: Race Against Time
Number of Episode
Red Jupiter Ranger
"King of the Planets! Red Jupiter Ranger!"
—Roll Call

Rex Uluru is the Red Jupiter Ranger and field leader of Stellar Corps. He has super strength, and is the youngest of the team at 18.


Rex grew up in the Australian outback with only his, somewhat insane, father and grandfather. Between the weather (being the only nation on Earth where one half can be underwater while the other is on fire) and the wildlife (even the trees actively try to kill people) young Rex grew to be a very athletic individual. His father worked part time as a mechanic and the other part of the time as a Ranger, with Rex often joining him. When Rex was ten he got pretty beat up in a fight; having none of this, his grandfather, who was a veteran of the Second World War and a former member of the ASAS, taught him everything he knew from his army days.


Rex was the second Ranger to be accepted as part of the team, and joined in the first Zord fight. It wasn’t long after that the Monster Rangers appeared, thoroughly trouncing him and Kaiden in a Zord battle, and Rex began designing the Demi-Zords: faster, more maneuverable Zords. Thinking ahead, he built seven Demi-Zords, sending one to the UN for mass production and thereby founding Zeuth. This same technological skill helped him, James and Igor Fischer build a time-travel device when they were sent briefly back to the Amazon rainforest in the year 1982.

After the capture of mentor and Black Ranger Marco Smith, Rex defaulted to team leader, not noticing Tony’s dislike of the shift until they got into an actual fight. Thanks to a little push from Elandra, they managed to work out their differences, and afterwards Rex trained Tony to use his Demi-Zord’s Shield Bits attack.

The Hexagram and After

When the Weeping Angels and the Alchemist were finally destroyed, and the Monster Rangers taken into custody, Rex turned back to Zeuth. Being the indirect creator of their Demi-Zord task force, he was accepted with no difficulty.


Rex is hot-blooded, with unrelenting determination and difficulty being patient or holding back. This sometimes brings him into conflict with his teammates. He has a love of anime, video games and tinkering with or fixing things, and despite his rough-and-tumble exterior, is a genius in Nuclear Physics.


  • Tin Power Ring
  • Jovian Sword
  • Eagle Zord
  • Bolt Zord


Rex is a Caucasian Australian, wth blue eyes, untidy brown hair, tanned skin and perma stubble. He has a muscular build, standing about 6’3”.? He is also inexplicably attractive to younger girls, which flatters or creeps him out depending on how young they are.


  • Has a large knife hidden somewhere on him at all times.