Rescue Sentai Wildranger
Number: 1
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: New members
Power Rangers Counterpart:
Original airing: 10th of August 2020
Author: AnimeLover569
Production Order
Dobutsuno Sentai Ninjuuger

Rescue Sentai Wildranger (Reskyu Sentai Wairudorenjā, translated as Rescue Squadron Wildranger) it is the 1st season of AnimeLover569’s Sentai series, it has a wild animal and rescue theme. It is the first and only Sentai to have both titles in English.

The series premiered on 10th of August 2020 however unlike other Super Sentai Series, its joined alongside a Precure series, being the author’s first Precure Series Shining Earth Precure and recently, first Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Savage


Evil demons that were born from shadows claim earth for their own so a team of rescuers fight against the demons to protect their planet.




Super Wildranger

RSW Super Forms realistic.jpeg

Color Role Actor
Wild Red Eiji HamakoKanata Hamako Kentaro Kanesaki ► Dori Sakurada
Wild Black Jun AgawaMamoru Agawa Daimaou Kosaka ► Kouhei Takeda
Wild Pink Yuna YamanoTaiga Yamano Yumiko Shaku ► Satomi Ohkubo
Wild Blue Alain KurodaRansu Kuroda Kazuya Kojima ► Daisuke Nakagawa
Wild Green Touya ChibaHayato Chiba Koji Yamamoto ► Yuki Ogoe
Wild Silver Ryuu InukaiShinjiro Inukai Jouji Shibue ► Keisuke Watanabe
Wild Gold Mahiro InukaiAkio Inukai Miyuu Sawai ► Kenshin Endo


Kamen Rider Savage

Color Role Actor
Kamen Rider Savage
Takumi Yuzuki Rui Kihara
Kamen Rider Growl
Koji Kurumi Shogo Hama
Kamen Rider Safari
Yume Haruno Sachika Nitta


Color Role Actor
Ryusoul Red Koh Hayate Ichinose
Ryusoul Blue Melto Keito Tsuna
Ryusoul Pink Asuna Ichika Osaki
Ryusoul Green Towa Yuito Obara
Ryusoul Black Bamba Tatsuya Kishida
Ryusoul Gold Canalo Katsumi Hyodo


Color Role Actor
Zenkaizer Kaito Goshikida Kiita Komagine
Zenkai Juran Juran Shintaro Asanuma
Zenkai Gaon Gaon Yuki Kaji
Zenkai Magine Magine Yume Miyamoto
Zenkai Vroon Vroon Takuya Sato
Twokaizer Zox Goldtsuiker Atsuki Mashiko


  • Miyuki Agawa
  • Kai Yamano
  • Sae Kuroda
  • Ami Sakura
  • Kazuya Mizuishi


  • Generals
    • Runkro
    • Mirara
    • Zepto
  • Henchmen
    • Buggles
  • Stacey


  • Rescue changers
  • Wolf Phones
  • Wild Blasters
  • Shark Blade
  • Elephant Axe
  • Tiger Shield
  • Lion Baton
  • Eagle Tonfa
  • Night Sceptre
  • Day Sceptre
  • Animal Buster


  • Animal Rescue King
  • Wolf Rescue King
  • Animal Kingdom Rescue
  • Tortoise King
  • True Animal King


  • Shark Rescue 1
  • Elephant Rescue 2
  • Tiger Rescue 3
  • Lion Rescue 4
  • Eagle Rescue 5
  • Night Wolf Rescue 6
  • Day Wolf Rescue 7
  • Tortoise Mecha


Link to the Wattpad story:

  • E1-New Members
  • E2-Team Building
  • E3-New friendship
  • E4-The Lone Lion
  • E5-Demon Master Runkro
  • E6-New weapons
  • E7-The strange woman
  • E8-Is this my dream?
  • E9-An unlikely duo
  • E10-An eagle files
  • E11-The shark roars
  • E12-Taiga’s Secret
  • E13-Brother Wolves
  • E14-New rivalry
  • E15-A Doll’s obsession
  • E16-Switch A Roo
  • E17-A New Power
  • E18-The power of darkness
  • E19-New Gattai
  • E20-Welcome Wolf brothers
  • E21-are Shinjiro and Taiga dating?
  • E22-A brand new Mecha
  • E23-powerless prt1
  • E24-powerless prt2
  • E25-Ransu’s determination
  • E26-A brothers bond
  • E27-Hayato’s anxiety
  • E28-Freaky Love
  • E29-A Powerful Shark
  • E30-Taiga’s birthday
  • E31-Goodbye Runkro
  • E32-New Demon General Zepto
  • E33-Memory erased
  • E34-Strained relationship
  • E35-A New Threat
  • E36-Vampire Problems
  • E37-Kanata’s leadership
  • E38-New Power Mode
  • E39-Christmas bonds
  • E40-Goodbye Father
  • E41-The Wolf is back
  • E42-A day off at the beach
  • E43-The Power of animals
  • E44-Almost dying
  • E45-Hayato’s dream
  • E46-Taiga’s true emotions
  • E47-Here comes the Master
  • E48-Welcome back Eiji
  • E49-The final battle prt1
  • E50-The final battle prt2
  • E51-The final battle prt3


  • Rescue Sentai Wildranger vs Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
  • Rescue Sentai Wildranger the Movie:Through the Wormhole
  • Dobutsuno Sentai Ninjuuger vs Rescue Sentai Wildranger
  • Wildranger Returns:The Wedding of Ransu and Taiga


  • Rescue Sentai Wildranger & Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger


  • Except for the wolf duo, the Wildranger share the same animals as the Zyuohger
    • Sela and Kanata-Shark
    • Tusk and Mamoru-Elephant
    • Amu and Taiga-Tiger
    • Leo and Ransu-Lion
    • Yamato and Hayato-Eagle
    • While Misao does have a silver wolf form, technically making both Shinjiro and Akio sharing the wolf motif with Misao. Misao’s primary form is his rhino form so Shinjiro and Akio don’t fully share a motif with a member of the zyuohger team
  • Shinjiro and Akio share their wolf motif but have motifs based on different hours of the day
    • Shinjiro-night
    • Akio-day
  • They share similarities with Kyoryuger, Ryusoulger and Go-Onger
    • The team has the same colours with the Kyoryuger and Ryusoulger
    • Similar to Kyoryuger both black rangers are the second members and similar to Ryusoulger both pink rangers are the third member, the green ranger is also the youngest member, like with Souji and Towa, just like with Souji, Hayato is a high schooler. All three teams with these colours have members who are flirts, Ian in Kyoryuger, Canalo in Ryusoulger and Ransu in Wildranger.
    • Similar to Go-Onger, the Wildranger have an animal motif and a gold/silver duo
      • However the gold/silver duo are brothers, not brother and sister like in Go-Onger and Shinjiro is a silver 6th ranger, making him the leader of his gold/silver duo with his brother instead of gold being the leader of their gold/silver duos
  • Wildranger also has some shared similarities with GoGoV
    • Both series are Rescue themed and the green ranger uses an air themed mecha
  • It also shares similarities with Shinkenger having the powers pass from parent to child but the colours arent restricted to genders, this is confirmed with Akio Inukai being the current Wild Gold and his predecessor was his mother
  • While the Mamoru Sentai Yajuranger were the first team that the author has created, Rescue Sentai Wildranger is the first story that the author began writing so it’s counted as her first Sentai series
  • The crossover with the Ryusoulger was inspired from the picture Hayate Ichinose and Daisuke Nakagawa had together as Koh from Ryuusoulger and Jin from Zero One
  • Wildranger is the first sentai with realistic pictures which were edited by the author using GoGoV and Gaoranger, but used Zyuoh Elephant’s helmet for Wild Black due to the elephant motif, the second series to have realistic edits is Gao Sentai Beastman even though it’s the 3rd series
  • Hayato Chiba is the youngest at 16 when his actor is actually 10 years older than his character’s age.
  • Originally gonna have 49 episodes but because of the added arc that Shinjiro will turn evil, the episodes went to 51 episodes.
  • The main theme in this story is love, it’ll focus on love between family, friends and have a romance between Ransu and Taiga
    • There was also gonna be a lgbt romance with Kanata and Mamoru but was scraped due to the author feeling that they’re much better as close friends than a couple
  • The special with the Zenkaiger was inspired due to a dream that the author had
    • when the story will be written, Juran and Vroon will be written as Zyuran and Vroom, because those are the spellings that the author got used too and in a way it’s still the correct spellings
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