Arsvelan New
Gender: Male
Villain Type: New Emoneytion General
Season: Dino Charge
Homeworld: Space
First Appearance: Power Rangers Dino Charge: Next Generation
Last Appearance: Power Rangers Dino Charge: Next Generation
Number of Episode
1 (movie)
Actor: Frederick McKinney

Regruble is the regret general of the Future Emoneytion Army in Power Rangers Dino Charge: Next Generation.


Regruble is the main villain of Power Rangers Dino Charge: Next Generation . An Emoneytion General born from the regret of Emoneytion Master at the time of his death, Regruble hid himself away between dimensions for a long time and rebuilt the Emoneytion Army by 2114 while using his temporal abilities to tamper with the public's memories of the Dino Charge Rangers and Wickrone to believe he is the reborn Dollaraos and serves under him. But Regruble's true goal is use the dark emotions of humans to travel to 2014 and prevent Emoneytion Master's death. Once has plan is fulfilled, Regruble absorbs his followers and proceeds to travel to the past. Unfortunately, due to Richie's interference, Regruble's attempted ambush on the previous Dino Charge Rangers fails as he is blasted back to the future where the Dino Charge Rangers of that time destroy him.


  • Regruble is a portmanteau of regret and ruble.

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