Red Lion Space Warrior I, Violet Dragon Commander
Gender: male
Seasons: Power Rangers Space Warriors
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Denzior
First Appearance: New Reinforcements(cameo), The Orange sting(debut)
Last Appearance: Power Rangers: The War
Number of Episode
Actor: Christan Bale
Red Lion Space Warrior I, Violet Dragon Commander

Roll Call

"Red Lion! Space Warrior 1!"
—Razir's roll call(Red Ranger)[src]

"Violet Dragon! Commander 10!"
—Razir's 2nd roll call (violet Ranger)[src]

Prebattle catchphrase

Also known as Galactic Police!

Human form



Little of his back story is unknown, 10,000 he lead a team to stop The Incinerators, he lost his powers and he gave his power crystal to Mateo, due to his alien powers he's over 10,000 years old but looks over 40, he's now the mentor of the Space Warriors. He later gains power of the violet space crystal and becomes a ranger again, swearing revenge for his fallen comrades. He becomes a father figure to the others. He used to date Chamili.

He later meets Kalila and falls in love with her, he protects her from when she’s gets in danger.

Red Ranger

Leo Red

Razir was the Red Ranger 100,000 years ago, but used his powers so he's no longer bonded to his Leo Crystal however unlike Mateo Razir never had the Orion Saviour Mode power.

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