Raven Zord
Number: 6
Pilot: Adrian Thomas
Season Power Rangers Olympian Force (Spidey-Cents version)
First Appearance Being Pig-Headed

The Raven Zord is a Zord in Power Rangers Olympian Force. It is piloted by Adrian Thomas, the Gold Olympian Ranger.


The Raven Zord once piloted by the Original Gold Olympian Ranger Apollo. It was put into a hidden dimension by the gods once Hades had stopped his attack, but it was reactivated in 2019 to fight once again. It was later moved to the main Zord hanger in the Temple once Adrian and his twin sister Diana joined the team.


Gemini Megazord

Gold Mode

The Raven Zord forms the head and shoulders of the combination, as well as the bow with it's wings.

Silver Mode

The Raven Zord forms the legs of the combination.

Pantheon Megazord

The Raven Zord forms the emblem on the chest armor. Energy from the sun is converted to power that can be fired from it.

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