Power Rangers Zeo - The Next Generation
Number 25
Number of episodes: 36
First episode: A Neo Zeo Beginning
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Intro: Power Rangers Zeo - The Next Generation/Theme Song
Adapted from: Chōriki Sentai Ohranger
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Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
Neo Zeo Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers Zeo - The Next Generation is 25th Installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation universe.


The Zeo Crystal was originally given to Tommy, Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya allowing them to become the Power Rangers Zeo to take on the evil King Mondo and the Machine Empire. Now the Zeo Crystal is passed down to descendants of the original Zeo Rangers with help from Gosei to take on a new enemy.

Neo Zeo Rangers

New Zeo Rangers

New Zeo Rangers


  • Gosei
  • Alpha 7
  • Alien Rangers TNG


  • Neo-Machine Empire
Neo Zeo Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Taron Oliver Zeo Ranger V Red
Amos Park Zeo Ranger IV Green
Ramon DeSantos Zeo Ranger III Blue
Tiana Park Zeo Ranger II Yellow 
Kimberly Dimitria Oliver Zeo Ranger I Pink


  • Zeo Morpher

Multi-Use Devices

  • Zeo Crystal
  • Super Zeo Gems

Communication Devices

  • Wrist Communicators

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Team Blaster

  • Zeo Blaster
  • Zeo Pistol Powered Up
  • Zeo Laser Pistols
  • Zeo Laser Blades
  • Zeo Power Sword
  • Zeo Power Hatchets
  • Zeo Power Axes
  • Zeo Power Double Clubs
  • Zeo Power Disc
  • Golden Power Staff

Team Cannon

  • Zeo Cannon


  • Zeo Jet Cycles

Zeozords System

Zeo Ultrazord: Warrior Mode / Zeo Ultrazord: Carrier Mode

  • Zeo Mega Battlezord
  • Zeo Megazord
  • Zeozord 1
  • Zeozord 2
  • Zeozord 3
  • Zeozord 4
  • Zeozord 5
  • Red Battlezord
  • Pyramidas

Super Zeozords System

  • Super Zeo Megazord
  • Super Zeozord 1
  • Super Zeozord 2
  • Super Zeozord 3
  • Super Zeozord 4
  • Super Zeozord 5
  • Warrior Wheel

Alternate Combinations

  • Super Zeo Ultrazord: Warrior Mode


  • The Second Generation Zeo Rangers Takes on the eldest son of the evil King Mondo.

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