Power Rangers Wild Strike
Number 26
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: The Animal Spirits
Last episode: Evil Despair
Intro: Power Rangers Wild Strike/Theme Song
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Stratoforce
Power Rangers Sports Skill

Power Rangers Wild Strike is the twenty-sixth season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Stratoforce and succeeded by Power Rangers Sports Skill. It was created by Future Beetle as the 26th season. It contains plenty elements from Power Rangers Wild Force, Choujuu Sentai Liveman, and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.


Centuries ago, 100 Animal Spirits were battling the great Evil.


Wild Strike Rangers

Lion Wild Strike Ranger Joseph Williams
Cheetah Wild Strike Ranger Ryan Termeer
Frog Wild Strike Ranger Frank Hughes
Dolphin Wild Strike Ranger Kinzie Goodall
Crane Wild Strike Ranger Monica Wyatt
Shark Wild Strike Ranger Max Russel
Hammerhead Wild Strike Ranger Alan Russel
Gorilla Wild Strike Ranger Damien Goodall
Penguin Wild Strike Ranger Ariel Carlson
Giraffe Wild Strike Ranger Avalon
Polar Wild Strike Ranger Chilly
Moose Wild Strike Ranger Buck


  • Animus
  • Princess Kayla
  • Captain Muscle
  • Kendra
  • Sarah
  • Lord Smacker
  • Stratoforce Rangers


  • Priest Zelgorg
  • Jugglord
  • Dark Jindrax
  • Mistress Toxia
  • Renitax
  • Volga
  • Zhine
  • Powermock


  • Red Lion Sword
  • Yellow Cheetah Claw
  • Green Frog Hammer
  • Blue Dolphin Fighting Fins
  • Pink Crane Bow
  • Shark Blaster
  • Hammerhead Mallet
  • Gorilla Boxing Gloves
  • Penguin Ice Skates


Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord,➲ carrier zord, ✶ team-piloted zord, ◇ secondary piloted zord

Auxiliary Zords

Other Zords

These Zords will appear in the final battle against the Priest Zelgorg.

  • Vulture Zord
  • Deer Zord
  • Peacock Zord
  • Camel Zord
  • Panda Zord
  • Alligator Zord
  • Flamingo Zord
  • Cougar Zord
  • Koala Zord
  • Manta Ray Zord
  • Sea Turtle Zord
  • Black Bear Zord
  • Orca Zord
  • Mandrill Zord
  • Goat Zord
  • Panther Zord
  • Bison Zord
  • Bat Zord
  • Cobra Zord
  • Hippo Zord



  • Episode 1: The Animal Spirits
  • Episode 2: Wild Strength
  • Episode 3: Camera Crisis
  • Episode 4: The Shipwreck Rage
  • Episode 5: Elephant Strength
  • Episode 6: Tiger's Power
  • Episode 7: The Canine
  • Episode 8: Gazelle
  • Episode 9: Soul Bird Rescue
  • Episode 10: The Aqua
  • Episode 11: Heart of Gold
  • Episode 12: Lawnmower
  • Episode 13: Rain
  • Episode 14: Forest Search
  • Episode 15: Wild Power
  • Episode 16: Maroon and Navy Anti-Heroes
  • Episode 17: Red Ranger Rivalry
  • Episode 18: Brother and Sister
  • Episode 19: Unexpected Troops
  • Episode 20: Three Trio Rangers
  • Episode 21: Army
  • Episode 22: Gamble
  • Episode 23: Beetle Power
  • Episode 24: Insect
  • Episode 25: Bowling Technique
  • Episode 26: Invaders from the Graveyard
  • Episode 27: Power Rangers Rock!
  • Episode 28: Samurai
  • Episode 29: Souls Ascend
  • Episode 30: The Pollution Disaster
  • Episode 31: Science Skill
  • Episode 32: Stratoforce Returns
  • Episode 33: The Monster
  • Episode 34: The Seeker Pt. 1
  • Episode 35: The Seeker Pt. 2
  • Episode 36: Eclipse
  • Episode 37: Toxia Demise
  • Episode 38: Destroying the Nexus
  • Episode 39: The Evil and the Darkness Reborn
  • Final Episode: Evil Despair


  • Both Crimson and Blue Rangers are brother-sister sibling are in the team.

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