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Power Rangers Wild Prime
Number 39
Number of episodes: 41
First episode: The Rise of Prime
Last episode: Battle of the Ranger Legends
Intro: Power Rangers Wild Prime/Theme Song
Adapted from: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Original airing: 2019
Producer Hasbro
Author: Starlina
Power Rangers Wild Prime poster
Wild Prime Hear Me ROAR!
Production Order

Power Rangers Wild Prime is the 39th Installment of Power Rangers - The Next Generation.


"Centuries ago five ancient warriors of amazing five beasts fought an evil amazon and her henchmen and succeeded defeated her. But now she’s back in the modern world and planning to cause madness. Standing in her way are five teens chosen by an immortal Amazon warrior and the five beasts to take the mantle as Power Rangers to defeat her. United together as Power Rangers Wild Prime!"


Immortal Amazon Gaia asks the Prime Beasts to bring new warriors to defeat an evil Sorceress who plans to plague the Earth. The beasts choose five teens to take own this new threat. As they gone on a wild adventure they will encounter enemies along with allies and join 5 Rangers for a special quest to defeat one the biggest foes in Ranger Legend.

Wild Prime Rangers

Main Article: Wild Prime Rangers

Wild Prime Rangers
Name Ranger Designation  Prime Beast Guardian
Stephan Walker Red Wild Prime Ranger Eagle, Gorilla, Whale
Poseidius > Stephan Walker Wild Prime Whale Ranger Whale
Makena Hawkins >   Madison Cooper > Mai Blue Wild Prime Ranger Shark
Peter Clarkson Yellow Wild Prime Ranger Lion
Zoey Yamato > Ashley Enrilé White Wild Prime Ranger Tiger
Douglass Clarkson Green Wild Prime Ranger Elephant
Kwame Motombo Predator Wild Prime Ranger Rhino, Crocodile, Wolf
Torica Moore Purple Wild Prime Ranger Raven
Chanice Brookmyer Pink Wild Prime Ranger Jaguar
James Walker Orange Wild Prime Ranger Falcon
Lane Salva Condor Wild Prime Ranger Condor


  • Gaia - Mentor
  • Paulina the parrot Gaia's friend and loyal assistant
  • Pirate Armada Rangers
  • Ninja Steel Rangers
  • Legendary Rangers
  • Posedius - Red Whale Ranger
  • Casey Rhodes - Jungle Fury Red Ranger
  • Emily - Yellow Samurai Ranger
  • Renee Cunningham - Pink TQG Ranger
Pirate Armada Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Luke Mars Red Pirate Armada Ranger
Daytona Henderson Yellow Pirate Armada Ranger
Darien Walker Blue Pirate Armada Ranger
Sakura Hasegawa Pink Pirate Armada Ranger
Simon Pua Green Pirate Armada Ranger
Oris Montana Silver Pirate Armada Ranger
Legendary Rangers (Wild Prime)
Name Ranger Designation Season
Jocelyn Shiba Red Samurai Ranger Samurai - The Next Generation
Preston Tien Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Ninja Steel
Yukinojo "Yuki" Nasegawa HyperForce Yellow Ranger HyperForce TNG
Shaunelle Dino UltraCharge Pink Ranger Dino UltraCharge
Dexter Holliday T.Q.G Green Ranger T.Q.G
Rhianna Bryant Space Voyager Pink Ranger Space Voyagers
Keiko Koyabashu Squadron Yellow Ranger Squadron
TJ Johnson Space Blue Ranger In Space
Troy Burrows MegaForce Red Ranger MegaForce

Legendary Blue Rangers

Name Ranger Designation Season
Dominique Anderson AirForce Blue Ranger AirForce
Silo Martinez HyperForce Blue Ranger HyperForce TNG
Darien Walker Pirate Armada Blue Ranger Pirate Armada
Tori Hanson Blue Ninja Storm Ranger Ninja Storm
Chun Li Chun-Li Ranger Legacy Wars - The Phoenix Rises
Preston Tien Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Ninja Steel
Kayden Suzuki Dino UltraCharge Blue Ranger Dino UltraCharge


  • Neo-Alliances Of Evil
  • The Techno's Remnants


Sorceress (Formerly Gaina)


  • Eclipsetox
  • Quotex
  • Reptiligia
  • Astrotex


  • Amoebics
  • Kouteiani


Main Article: Arsenal (Wild Prime)

  • Wild Prime Morpher
  • Wild Prime Whale Blaster
  • Wild Prime Power Blaster (Tribute to the Original Power Blaster - MMPR)
  • Eagle Sword
  • Shark Fin Bow
  • Lion Blaster
  • Tiger Twin Sais
  • Elephant Lancer Staff


  • Wild Prime Riders (Yellow, Green and White Rangers)
  • Shark Wild Prime Typhoon Cycle (Blue Ranger)
  • Whale Wild Prime Typhoon Cycle (Red Ranger (Whale Form)


Wild Prime Royal Jungle Ultrazord

Wild Prime Konga Megazord

Wild Prime Preda MegaZord

Wild Prime Royal Megazord

Wild Prime Megazord

  • Prime Eagle Zord
  • Prime Lion Zord
  • Prime Shark Zord

Jungle Formation

Wild Prime Megazord - Jungle Formation

  • Prime Eagle Zord
  • Prime Elephant Zord
  • Prime Tiger Zord

Episode List

  1. The Rise of Prime
  2. Essence of a Warrior
  3. Sharks Bond
  4. Instinct Awakes
  5. Roar of the Lion’s Wrath
  6. Fangs of the battle
  7. A Tiger’s calling
  8. Do the Konga
  9. Battle of the Prime I
  10. Battle of the Prime II
  11. Battle of the Prime III
  12. Worlds Apart
  13. Pink of the Roar
  14. Sea Sick 
  15. The Secret of the Prime 
  16. A Whale’s Keeper
  17. The Origins of the Prime Whale
  18. The Chosen Whale Warrior
  19. An Armada Prime Reinforcements I
  20. An Armada Prime Reinforcements II
  21. Essences of the Whale and Shark
  22. The True Blue Mission
  23. Prime to the Max
  24. A Fangs Requiem
  25. Power Under Siege
  26. Stumping for Dumping
  27. Madness of Mad Gorilla
  28. Danger Animal Zone
  29. True Calling of the Tribe
  30. Super Primal Initiation 
  31. Advance of the Roar
  32. Elemental Fusion 
  33. Fighting for the Legacy
  34. Tribunal Ranger Rises I
  35. Tribunal Ranger Rises
  36. The Pain from the Past
  37. The Ultra Primal Rising
  38. Mad Shark
  39. A Ranger’s Water Geyser
  40. Beast of Feast
  41. Fierce of all
  42. The Final Battle of the Beasts
  43. The Final Battle of the Beasts
  44. Battle of The Ranger Legends (Special Edition)


  • The Wild Prime Rangers are the first team of Red-Yellow-Blue-Green-White as Ranger designation colors
  • The Blue Ranger takes the place of the Pink Ranger but she's second-in-command
  • The Wild Prime Rangers is the first and the only Power Rangers team to team with 2 PR Teams in one season (Ninja Steel and Pirate Armada)
  • Unlike their counterparts, the Wild Prime Rangers are human teens who don't have Animal Morph forms.
  • In addition to its Animal/Jungle Motif The Wild Prime Rangers take on serious topics such as Climate Change, Eco-Friendly Products, and Support to protect Earth's Natural Habitat Treasures.
  • It is soon revealed the Sorceress is an Eco-Terrorist and Gaia's twin sister also Mai's aunt


Wild Prime Rangers

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