Power Rangers Ultimate alliance
Number 1
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Guardians Of The Millennium Part 1
Last episode: End Of The Alliance Parte 3
Intro: Power Rangers Ultimate alliance/Theme Song
Adapted from: Boukenger - Gokaiger - Metalder - Armor hero - Garo makai - Ryukendo - Gransazer -Tomica Hero Rescue Fire - Kamen Rider Hibiki - Ultraman X - Justiriser - N/A - All Super Sentais - Kamen Rider Hibiki - Armor Hero Xt - Korean Rayforce
Original airing: ?
Producer Saban Brands
Author: N/A
Production Order

Power Rangers Ultimate alliance is a fanfictional series based on an adaption of the series, Boukenger - Gokaiger - Metalder - Armor hero - Garo makai - Ryukendo - Gransazer -Tomica Hero Rescue Fire - Kamen Rider Hibiki - Ultraman X - Justiriser - N/A - All Super Sentais - Kamen Rider Hibiki - Armor Hero Xt - Korean Rayforce


before the operations center morphin mighty was destroyed Zordon sack his son aka Red there sent him to a safer dimension with another family he went to school warriors and fight appear as red rangers was destroyed by Venjix and celestial boat picked him and gave him the powers of red millennium ranger helping other red rangers train wendy to be the gold ranger tommy with the powers that he gave his father became cybertron kimberly found the pink gem became the pink dino thunder received help from the SPD and at last to Garo as sentinel gold ranger



Ranger Character
Red Millennium Ranger / Millennium Ranger X Aka Red / Ken Shidou
VR Cybertron Ranger TOMMY OLIVER
Gold Sentinel Ranger Garo Makai / Naoto Shidou
Spd Orange Ranger Boom
Gold Millennium Ranger Wendy Wu
Spd Shadow Ranger Sky Tate
Green Cyborg Ranger Captain Zai

Planet Of Aka Red And Garo





Modes And Powers


Morphing Call

== Roll Call Team-Morph: “Ultimate Power Activate

  • red ranger : power of the souls power of red millennium
  • pink ranger : pink ranger power
  • orange ranger : spd emergency
  • shadow ranger : spd emergency
  • cybertron ranger : cybertron power
  • gold millennium ranger : gold millennium power
  • gold sentinel ranger : Sentinel Ranger Activate
  • Ancient Power = Ultra Warriors
  • Fusion Up Beast Power = Shining Knight
  • Its Morphin Time DragonSaurus = Exo Ranger
  • Exo Ranger Wakes Up I Invoke You = Jason Using The Dragon Shield
  • Sasori Armor Encage = Cyborg Green Ranger
  • Dark Change Ready = The Black Dragon

Ranger Roll Calls

☀when they are together say this phrase each phrase has its transformation

  • Aka Red: Red Millennium Ranger / Millennium Ranger X
  • Kimberly: Pink Dino Ranger Power
  • Boom : Spd Orange Ranger
  • Sky ; Spd Shadow Ranger
  • Tommy: V.R Cybertron Ranger
  • Wendy : Gold Mille nnium Ranger
  • Garo : Gold Sentinel Ranger
  • Jin : Shining Knight
  • Captain Zai : Cyborg Green Ranger
  • Master Kouga : Hyper Knight
  • Nimbara : Dragon Pink
  • TigerBot : Sword Warrior
  • Chimera Beast : Shogun Battle
  • Tom Oliver Clone : Exo Ranger Ready
  • Kaito : The Black Dragon
  • Aka Red: The Power Of The Past And Millennium And Ready Together

All: Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance ! ==



Ultra Warriors

Role Name
Shogun Battle Chimera Beast
Sword Warrior TigerBot
Excalibur Pink NImbara
Hyper Knight Master Kouga
The Black Dragon 'Kaito
Shining Knight Jin

Past Rangers

Ex red Rangers

Veterans Rangers

Ex Villains

Evil Rangers

Lighting Thunder Ranger MARAH


Ex Monsters

Crustaceax Horde

Evil Rangers




  1. History of the Past
  2. Guardians Of The Millennium
  3. The Legendary Red
  4. Past Cyborg
  5. Pink of the Roar
  6. Uprising War
  7. Storm Cyber
  8. Fury
  9. New Powers
  10. Time Of Dark
  11. Legends
  12. Mission Of Rescue
  13. Ranger For A Day
  14. Yan Resurfaces
  15. Return Of The Past
  16. Attack Of The Knight Part 1
  17. Attack Of The Knight Part 2
  18. Identity Revelations
  19. Brother vs. Brother
  20. In Disagreement
  21. Essence of a Warrior
  22. The Power Of The Nexus Ninja
  23. Energy Absorption
  24. Snide's Return
  25. Ultimate Alliance
  26. Out Of Control Part 1
  27. Out Of Control Part 2
  28. Dragon Forever
  29. The Legacy
  30. Roar of the Lion’s Wrath
  31. Max Fusion 
  32. Mystic Powers
  33. Z Power
  34. The Power Of Three
  35. From The Depths
  36. Ninja Skills
  37. Mission In Space
  38. Battle of The Ranger Legends
  39. All or Nothing
  40. The Last Confrontation


  1. Path Of The Wolf ( Special Halloween)
  2. New Years Eve (Christmas Special)


Main cast

Character Actor/Actress
Aka Red Shouta Date / Ryota Ozawa
KImberly Hart Amy Jo Joshson
Boom Kelson Henderson
Sky Tate Chris Violette
Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Wendy Wu Brenda Song
Garo Makai Kouga Saejima
TigerBot Chris Auer

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