Power Rangers Turbo Charge (Future Beetle)
Number 15
Number of episodes: 45
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Shape Madness
Power Rangers Animal Task

Power Rangers Turbo Charge is the over technology and additional season and the fifteenth season created by Future Beetle. It also contains the elements from Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, and Power Rangers Turbo.



Turbo Charge Rangers

Main article: Turbo Charge Rangers
Red Turbo Charge Ranger Melvin Drenovac
Blue Turbo Charge Ranger Brock
Yellow Turbo Charge Ranger Jody
Green Turbo Charge Ranger Austin
Black Turbo Charge Ranger Jeff Grotkowski
Star Turbo Charge Ranger Randy
Rust Turbo Charge Ranger Amy
Accelerate Turbo Charge Ranger Shinelord


Throttle Ranger Throttle Ranger



  • General Toxic
  • Mistressoxica
  • Gambreak
  • Leiot
  • Sharktrons


Dark Queen Ranger Dark Queen Ranger



  • Turbo Morphers
  • Torque Blasters
  • Super Turbo Charge Cannon
    • Turbo Charge Cannon
      • Turbo Fire Sword
      • Turbo Water Blaster
      • Turbo Lightning Crossbow
      • Turbo Wind Charges
      • Turbo Earth Hammer
    • Turbo Tispy
      • Turbo Star Boomerang
      • Turbo Rust Flail


Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord,➲ carrier zord, ✶ team-piloted zord, ◇ secondary piloted zord



  • Episode ???: Shape meets the Turbo (Shape Madness and Turbo Charge teamup)

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